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May 7, 2010 05:47 AM

London Fine Dining Dinner Around £50pp

I'll be visiting London in a week and was looking for assistance in picking between several fine dining options for a nice dinner with my father. We'll be staying near the Waterloo station and would like somewhere within central London or no more than a 30 minute ride on the Tube. Our budget is about £50 per person for food (i.e. not including alcohol).

My first choice would be one of the Michelin 2-star places like The Ledbury, Marcus Wareing, The Square, Le Gavroche, or Pied a Terre (we already have lunch reservations at Hibiscus), but none of these places seem to fall into our budget for dinner, unless anyone knows of any special deals I might be missing.

Of the places that do fall into our budget, I was hoping any locals or frequent visitors might offer input as to which one is best, in terms of the food (or if there's some place I'm missing, I'd be open to other recommendations): Galvin at Windows, The Glasshouse, Chez Bruce, The Greenhouse, Club Gascon, or Tom Aikens.

Thank you, very much, in advance!

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  1. My first stop would be - they have a great range of specials at many of the places you have mentioned, so you could eat well for the £50 per head.

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      I'd also second TopTable for possible discounts