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May 7, 2010 05:19 AM

Malbec wine (Vina Antigua)

Had a glass for the very first time at dinner last night and really enjoyed! Stopped at the liquor store and was overwhelmed by all the choices and was hoping to get some recommendations (price not to exceed $20). I did buy a bottle of Nieto Senetiner based on the recommendation of an employee.


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  1. Catena's regular Malbec is consistently good, never overdone. Weinert and Norton are also reliable producers.

    One of the few good things about Montreal's English-language daily is its wine columnist, Bill Zacharkiw. He recently did a piece on some of the locally available Malbecs at several price points. See

    A couple of years ago, the New York Times tasting panel focused on sub-$25 Malbecs. And a couple of weeks ago, they looked at more expensive bottles.

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    1. Also consider Malbec from the Loire, where it's called Cot. Like Puzelat's In Cot We Trust.

      1. I'm a huge fan of Achaval Ferrer, probably THE man to go to for Malbecs. He produces five wines only, and four of them are pure Malbecs. His low-level Malbec is one of the best values.

        My favorite Malbec, though, would have to be Bressia's Monteagrelo. After reviewing about 100+ Argentine wines, I have to say that the Monteagrelo is not only the best bang for the buck in the whole country, but it's one of the easiest, smoothest, and just plain delightful Malbecs you can have. It goes for about $30 or less.

        1. Here is a recent column from the San Francisco Chronicle on tasting Malbec wines from Argentina: