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May 7, 2010 04:53 AM

Nine Dishes

Really good, really simple Sichuan dishes served by a one-man-show from Beijing, who knows his way around a dining room, can tell the hell out of a dirty joke and quote poetry.

Most of the Sichuan dishes, despite being made by a Beijing hooligan that claims to have learned to cook last month and not a fancy Sichuanese chef, are possibly better than most Sichuan restaurants in town can pull off. There are also some way up north comfort foods, like doufunaor, on the bizarrely formatted multi-booklet menu, too.

I admit the combination of north and south kinda suggests one of those crappy JADE RIVER GARDEN DRAGON PALACE: Beijing and Szechwan Cuisine. But, nah, it's more like a chilled out neighborhood place in Beijing. Complete with a soundtrack of Beijinghua rap and socialist anthems.

This is the place I was waiting for. It's really simple food served in an informal setting, with a steady flow of cheap beer. I wish it was in Richmond.

Another Chowhounder and I spent about six hours here last night. And I hope he'll drop some pictures.

It's at 960 Kingsway.

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  1. It will not do proper justice if everyone just read the report above without reading the entire account on his blog. You just gotta read this:

    1. Awesome. I wish I could have joined you guys. Is this place open for lunch.
      (The Chowdown at Judas Goat was a resounding success - more to follow.)

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      1. re: fmed

        Since nobody answered it on this thread...

        Nine Dishes is open for lunch and there is a lunch special. But he opens for lunch at 2 pm.

        I tell you, if I ran a restaurant, it'd be something like this.

        1. re: DylanLK

          Now *that's* a reasonable lunch hour. Who can have lunch at 11am?

          1. re: _js_

            People who wake up before 8am ? ;-)

            1. re: LotusRapper

              I'll contemplate an 11am lunch if that's my "first" lunch. I gotta have another lunch at 2. :)

      2. I kept wondering about that place every time we drive past it to go to Green Lemongrass. I was praying and hoping that the name reflected the menu options, partly because I'm totally into silly schticks. But man, six hours is COMMITMENT. Respect!

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        1. re: clutterer

          he has FOUR menus. each with 9 dishes. one for noodles, one for skewers, one for main courses, one for appetizerz. no crypto-chinese menu. all items included menu.
          the two 'steamboats' - one being szechuan water boiled fish are $15.99 are the most expensive item on the menu.
          skewer are .99cent and the beer dylan mention is $2 each..

          definitely worth checking out...

          fmed glad to hear the JG chowdown was a success!! was Lee there to great y'all?

          1. re: betterthanbourdain

            Lee was there. I still haven't written anything - perhaps tonight. Crazy busy day today.
            I'll post the pics on Picasa but the writeup may have to wait!

        2. thanks ben for the link... wow dylan, too k you less than 30+ minutes to write that up? that is brilliant. ur gonna be a star ....!
          will post pic later today. it was epic and fun....

          1. I've been eyeing this place for the past week and a bit since I first noticed their awning. I drive on Kingsway every day.

            Then the Missus & I found ourselves impromptuly (sp?) at Judas Goat last night. So who do I see walking by JG ? Fmed, LOL ! As it turns out they were having a chowdown there. He mentions you and "J" were at 9 Dishes at that very moment. I think it's time for the western world to bring out the tele-transporter ....... sigh, so many restaurants so little time.