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May 7, 2010 03:58 AM

Anything chow worthy at Fenway Pk?

We loved the Lobel's prime rib sandwiches last year at Yankee Stadium. Anything worth having or should we eat outside the Park?

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  1. Get a sausage from The Sausage Guy outside on Landsdowne Street.

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    1. re: Gabatta

      I prefer the Sausage King myself, but they're all good. A sausage is a must-buy pregame snack.

      1. re: Gabatta

        Love The Sausage Guy, always make sure to grab one before every game.

        The Sausage Guy
        118 Dorchester St, Boston, MA 02127

      2. Complete list here:

        The concessions have definitely improved at Fenway over the years, but everything is priced at about twice what it should be, so none of it is exactly Chow-worthy.

        I always eat outside the park beforehand, but occasionally will snack on: a Fenway Frank (usually hotter bought at a stand than from a roving vendor -- avoid the Monster Dog), peanuts or sunflower seeds in the stands, the kettle corn sold near Gate B, the El Tiante Cubano (Yawkey Way concourse), soft serve ice cream, and cashews or pistachios from the vendor near Gate A. The Legal chowder is good, but I never buy it at the park.

        The Met Club is selling burgers in the Park this year. If I can figure out where, I'm going to try one of those, but it might be a luxury-level thing only.

          1. Similarly, from what I can gather there are a few mass-market craft beers available in Fenway (Sam, Harpoon)... are these difficult to locate, or do most of the stands have them?

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            1. re: celeriac

              You can get Sam on the left after you enter Gate C, right across from the entrance to section 40. Also you can get Guiness, Smithwicks, and Harp, by Gate D, behind sections 17-18. Not sure where Harpoon is located.

              1. re: Soxfan49

                I've never seen Harpoon - but I'm usually only out near the bleacher concessions.
                Also, good luck finding the Sam Lager...almost all (if not all) of the Sam vendors are selling the Summer beer.

                1. re: rknrll

                  The last few seasons, the Harpoon was on Yawkey Way near Gate D. Haven't been by this year yet.

                  The specialty food at the new Yankee Stadium is better, but the Fenway Frank is pretty good.

                  1. re: JoeM

                    Harpoon (IPA) is still there. Say hi to Tammy, the nice Harpoon lady. She's a trip! That's always my first stop heading into our seats.

                    We stop for food outside the park. Last few seasons, it was Lower Depths. Last three games, it was Jerry Remy's once (barely edible) and Cambridge 1 twice. We like that location and they have some new pizzas that are tasty (rock shrimp+spinach, and roasted tomato+spinach with mascarpone...a little heavy hand with the spinach last night).

                    1. re: digga

                      The Lower Depths is great - I just had their tots with cheese, bacon, and chipotle mayo, a burger, and a pretty things draft, and it cost next to nothing. The burger was really good - I wasn't expecting much. Fat n'juicy pub style, with jack cheese, a sweet salsa, and LT. The tots rocked my world, almost as good as their tot poutine.

                      Lower Depths
                      476 Commonwealth Ave Ste 1, Boston, MA 02215

                      1. re: digga

                        There was something B-A-D going on with Harpoon when we were there last (about three weeks ago). The prices had dropped (I forget to what price) but the serving size had shrunk BIG TIME (10oz?! Not sure.). In an attempt to get more people out to Yawkey, I guess that's what they (Harpoon? Fenway?) decided to do...What a scam! But with the lack of good beer at Fenway, I guess we'll continue going. Plus I still love Tammy and want to support her job. We're headed to the game this Friday. I'm super curious to see what is going on.

                      2. re: JoeM

                        Talked to someone at Harpoon last night and it's only outside on Yawkey...none inside the park.

                  2. re: celeriac

                    In the Right Field roof seats, near (but not in) the Bud Table section, you can get Shock Top Wheat.

                    1. re: celeriac

                      On the third base side, you can get Sam's summer underneath grandstand sections 29-30.

                      1. re: steve999

                        Given that the bud light & such runs $7.75, I can only imagine what sam summer costs

                        1. re: jgg13

                          I think it's $7.75 for the drafts. I may have paid more for the 'Gansett, which comes out of a 12-oz can: $8.50, maybe? Yep, it's a swindle.


                          1. re: MC Slim JB

                            I will say that the ability to use a credit card has led to me spending a lot more money there. It doesn't seem like I've had as many pairs of beers from the beer stand when the cash in my wallet isn't getting depleted :)

                    2. Sam Adams Summer Ale and Harpoon IPA at intervals around the park. Guinness, Smithwick's, and Harp under the grandstand near about Section 15. Narragansett in the Jordan's Pavilion atop the grandstand near Section 33. Presidente near Gate A in the Yawkey Way pavilion.


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                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                        Down with Sam Summer.
                        Will have to look for the Harpoon next time I'm at the park.