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May 7, 2010 03:35 AM

Need Help with Dim Sum

I want to try a good dim sum restaurant while in manhattan but want a place that does char siu cheong fun because i love it. If you don't know what it is here's a link. any recommendations are appreciated

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  1. Hey ronnie,
    I'm far from Manhatten, but I try to eat dim sum whenever I'm in a different city. Seems to me that item (plain or with bits of shrimp or pork) is pretty standard dim sum fare - you should be able to find it in any restaurant offering dim sum.
    Now who does it well might be another question...

    1. Try a search on this board for dim sum or postings by a fellow named lau (not the guy named another_lau).

      Good luck, I haven't had much success in the past with really good dim sum in Manhattan, you're better off going to Flushing, Queens but not sure if you live there or are visiting NYC.

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      1. re: bdachow

        hello, i'm the other guy that is not the lau guy who posts great stuff about chinese food regularly. but i'm from hong kong so i know a thing or two about dim sum too

        if money is irrelevant, chinatown brasserie's cheung fun is good, from what i recall. it's a nice place (unlike anywhere in chinatown), and dim sum is consistently good.

        a cheaper alternative is a place called "canton people" in chinese at 102-104 Mott Street. i think the name in english is something weird like "the dinning room management group". it's not a dim sum place. more like a small eatery. but they pull their own cheung fun in the morning and it's fairly well known amongst the chinese people in chinatown. strictly speaking, the cheung fun is too thick, but some people aren't picky about that. and at $2-3 bucks, it's a great snack. it's fresh, and comes with many interesting fillings too - like duck or bitter melon & beef, etc. (good old char siu is also my favorite, by the way). unfortunatley they only serve cheung fun for lunch / breakfast. they do a good dish that is wok fried lotus root in fermented bean paste too.

        most other places in manhattan chinatown will give you inconsistent cheung fun, because of the carts. cheung fun doesn't sit well there. if you go at exactly the time the dim sum comes out (noon?), they should be good. but that seems a little tricky.

        red egg is the other place that let you order off the menu rather the carts but they don't have cheung fun apparently. the only other place, dim sum go go, closed recently...

        1. re: another_lau

          Oh thanks for the tip about "Canton People". Interesting that they have some different fillings which is fun. Bitter melon and beef would be fun.

          I sometimes wander into Big Wong King and they have it as a snack item as well.

          Red Egg does have it, they only have a few though, definitely, shrimp and beef, can't remember if any others.

          Big Wong
          67 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

          Red Egg
          202 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

          1. re: bdachow

            while dim sum is more like a weekend brunch thing, cheung fun and a cup of tea can be a quick breakfast / mid-day snack. it's unfortunate that when people think cheung fun, often the default filling is shrimp. it's a popular choice in hong hong too. with really good cheung fun dough, thin and chewy, and fresh shrimp inside, it's good stuff. but in manhattan you'll never find it. to me char siu cheung fun is harder to mess up. you just put loads of sweet soy on and it always taste good~

          2. re: another_lau

            Dining Room Management Group finally adopted a fictitious name for the restaurant but I don't remember what it is. Operation is the same, though. Seems like cha shu cheung fun isn't as commonplace as it used to be--besides shrimp noted elsewhere, the other default seems to be beef. Also, odd varieties are popping up now from time to time, including fish, scallop, mushroom, chicken and bitter melon beef.

            Yong Gee
            104 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

        2. The only places where I think you can GUARANTEE you'll find the roast pork rice noodle rolls are the ones where you order off the menu, where they offer it already or can make it custom for you. I see it on the menu at Chinatown Brasserie but not Red Egg.

          No guarantee at the cart places that they'll even be offering noodle rolls when you sit down, or if they'll only be circulating the shrimp kind.

          Chinatown Brasserie
          380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

          Red Egg
          202 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

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          1. re: kathryn

            Red Egg does not have it. Have eaten there.

            Jing Fong has it but it's meh, find them kind of greasy there.

            Jing Fong
            18 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013

            Red Egg
            202 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013