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May 7, 2010 12:35 AM

More than one pepper grinder?

Well as the subject states, does anyone else have individual grinders for white and black peppercorns? I like the idea of using fresh white pepper in some of the dishes I cook instead of the preground stuff from the local shop.
I’m thinking about ordering two Unicorn Magnum grinders based on people saying that if you want quantity then this is the one to use.

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  1. We don't have those grinders, but I do keep one for white and one for black pepper. I like having the choice and prefer the white while my husband likes the black...Definitely get two. It's far better than using either preground. :)

    1. We have two, but only because we seem to keep getting pepper grinders as gifts. If you don't use the white pepper as much, and you do have a morter and pestle, maybe you could just use that?

      But if you have the space and money and desire for two pepper grinders...why not? Are you going to get different colors so you can tell them apart?

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      1. re: megmosa

        2, well I must be crazy because I have three. One set stays on the dining room table, one next to the stove for cooking, and the third is for grains of paradise.

        1. re: megmosa

          I'm thinking two sizes. 9" for black and 6" for white, this is getting all a bit too serious.

          1. re: snax

            Can't beat the Unicorn, especially as its not THAT expensive. I have a 6", which just means I fill it a bit more often. As for 2, depends on how often you grind white pepper - you can get cheap grinders at Ikea for rarely used stuff (e.g. coriander), but if you use white pepper a lot, go for it.

            Don't get the "salt' unicorn - that has plastic grinders.. that may be a dumb statement, but just in case you confuse the white unicorn for what it is versus what it is not.

            1. re: grant.cook

              I plan to buy two black grinders for pepper and the white for salt. Well the white one can wait until I can even buy rock salt.

              1. re: snax

                well I've orded 2 grinders. One for pepper and one for salt. The only downside is I bought some rock salt off Amazon (I'm a newbie) and anyway the salt was $3 but the shipping was $15............... I hope this salt will just taste that little bit better to fill this void.

                1. re: snax

                  Did you know that according to the labels on the packages, the lowest sodium salt is plain old kosher salt you can buy at any grocery store? I use it for cooking. For more exotic salts, I pick up Malden's at Whole Foods or Central Market,, and for the rest I order from I PROMISE you their shipping will NOT cost you fifteen bucks! That's ridiculous! I'm currently hooked on their red Hawaiian sea salt. It's probably my imagination, but I think it has a richer rounder flavor than most other salts.

                  Oh, and for pepper grinders, I picked up a cute little glass and metal (looks like pewter) pepper mill from Walmart for $7.00 day before yesterday. It's the new home for my Szechuan/Sansho peppercorns! Now all of my peppercorns are happy! Everybody has their own place to live.

                  1. re: Caroline1

                    hey thanks.

                    I'm not sure how much it would cost to send it into the middle of the Pacific but I'll look at getting a quote next time. I've been using table salt for the past 3 years here, and I've just got to the stage where I sometimes want a fine salt that will sit on food for certan foods.


            I have 3-4 of these loaded with different peppers and coarse salts.

            1. Two identical vintage Peugeots here, one for white pepper and one for black. But the black gets used 99.9% of the time.

              1. I have a few grinders, although I don't have 2 of the expensive grinders. I would like to but $45 for another pepper mill, that's hard to justify.

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                1. re: tonka11_99

                  The only thing worse then spending a decent amount of money on a pepper mill, is using a gimmicky green frog mill to crush arguably the worlds best pepper.

                  No excuses now!

                  1. re: snax

                    no, I have my gourmet mail order house tellicherry peppercorns and a 3 dollar grinder. I get grains anywhere from .2 micron to an 1/8 of an inch in 1 pile