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May 6, 2010 08:28 PM

Grezzo Restaurants Closing

I'm on Alissa Cohen's mailing list, and I just got an email from her explaining that she's closing both restaurants. Basically, she explains that she's burned out from the business (I'm not surprised), and decided that the insane hours and stress were getting to her.

Not clear as to whether they are still open - the website is still there, though.

I never did get a chance to eat at either locations. :-( On the plus side, though, she has another book that's coming out in October, and she's including Grezzo recipes.

69 Prince St, Boston, MA 02113

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  1. Yeah, I read this in a blog entry she posted. I was also reading on a forum that some people think it may have already closed, but I'm trying to find out right now.

    1. I'm so shocked and disappointed. We were excited about the opening of the brand new one in Newburyport since it's close to home and can't help wonder why she's closing it without even bothering to sell it and no warning to those of us who wanted to taste some of the delicious foods we can't get anywhere else in New England. Surely some raw chefs that she trained and others would have purchased the business so this doesn't seem right. I wonder also about all those employees who are suddenly out of a job? Burn out ok I get that by why throw the baby out with the bathwater? Gourmet raw food is very time consuming and sometimes it's nice to eat out at a great healthy restaurant and the ice-cream and italian style gnocchi was amazing. All cholesterol free.
      I like to cook but find that great tasting gourmet raw is hard to replicate especially if you don't know how it's supposed to taste. I have not had the best experience following complicated recipes with lots of gadgets, (yes I have her book) even though I can do it and have tried it's nice to be able to eat out and I'm sure a lot of people are very upset by this news today.

      1. In her blog post she mentions selling the restaurants but doesn't say whether that happened. Hope she did -- would live to see them reopen!

        1. It is already closed,
          I had a reservation there for last night (the day it closed) and at 11am they called and said they were closing and canceled the reservation. Kind of disappointing they'd cancel like that as I had made the reservation for my family to celebrate a graduation. I understand why it's closing but you'd think they could give a little more notice.

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            I'd cut them some slack. It can't be easy seeing a dream go south.

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              Restaurants rarely go out of business gracefully. Many leave owing vendors for weeks worth of provisions, and employees weeks worth of back wages. Gift certificate holders get hosed. Sometimes the law has to get involved as equipment, wine cellars, and kitchen stores mysteriously disappear. It's almost never pretty.