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May 6, 2010 07:44 PM

Are there other green chile addicts out there?

I am powerless. I'd rather have a root canal than shop at Walmart. But... in small town Maine, they are my source of fresh Anaheim (New Mexico) green chiles. I buy out their entire stock of green chiles each weekend. I roast and peel them and uses them in my cooking. Green chile fish tacos for dinner tonight. Does anyone else share my addiction?

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  1. Oh hells yeah, the good news is I'm in Tucson and don't have to go to the WalMart for chiles. Recently I'm more into the poblanos, with their thicker flesh and wonderful taste, but I feel so lucky in general to be in a place where we have fresh chiles year round.

    There's nothing that smells better than chiles scorching on a charcoal grill. Right on the coals. Those little hot jets of capsaicin from the odd bursting chile hardly ever happen anyway.

    When you've roasted the chiles right on the coals, you shouldn't put them in a plastic bag because they've had enough heat and will peel beautifully as long as they can rest for few minutes in ambient temperatures. Then p ut 'em in a bag.

    I love my chiles. You're not to be condemned for buying out the WalMart if that's your only source. Period. You are absolved of any sin to the economy or whatever.

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      I love poblanos too. I just hope I don't get caught in a photo on one of those ubiquetious funny "people who shop at Walmart emails.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        How about sharing your green chili fish taco receipt?

    2. Okay Passadumkeg--

      I'm actually on my 3 week countdown before I head to Santa Fe. Heeelllloooo Green Chile!

      Last year on a long weekend trip to Dallas we popped into Whole Foods since we are sorely lacking decent grocery stores in the OKC. I came across fresh Hatch green chile. I bought 4 pounds and was begging my husband to cut our trip short. I was DYING to get home and roast 'em up. Just fabulous.

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        I was reading PK's post on fish tacos and it piqued my interest. Yesterday was the day before payday and the cupboard was bare, but I had left over cod and roasted green chiles in the fridge. I pulled 8 corn tortillas out of the freezer, dry fried them in my cast iron frying pan, put some garlic powder on the chiles, nuked the chile & fish, dice tomatoes and onion (we had no cabbage), mixed chipotle w/ mayo and viola S.H.I.T. (Sure Happy It's Thursday) tacos. Green chile, pintos, cheese and a fried on top for brekkie this a m.

      2. I used to buy 20-30 pounds of Hatch from a roaster who sets up in La Veta, CO in season, and stash the still-hot bags in my car for the 10 mile ride up the hill to Cuchara. The aroma was so fantastic I should have had a bib and a supply of Depens. I used them in smothers, stewed pork shoulders, and obscenely good quesadillas.

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        1. re: Veggo

          The farmers' market in my tiny hometown in CO (in the Walmart parking lot, no less) has a vendor with a massive tumbler in which he roasts green chiles. It looks like an oil drum, but made of wire mesh. You can smell the chiles all over town! :)

          1. re: LauraGrace

            That's it! It looks like a giant squirrel cage that could wear out a half dozen basset hounds. Those fresh roasted Hatches are intoxicating. We've about 4 months to go.

                1. re: LauraGrace

                  I'll have what she's having.
                  I don't speak french, so we'll name the casserole the Hatch, shrimp, and feta complete.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    hi veggo & lauragrace! i'm in Antonito, CO (on the other side of the valley from La Veta) . locals go down to Hatch, NM & bring back big sacks of chiles & roast them across the street from me & several other corners on the main drag. every one of them turns into a party & the town smells Mmmm!

                    I always thought the roaster cage looked like the thing they pick winning raffle tickets out of, the way it turns.

                    1. re: tullius

                      I was trying to figure out how to describe that lottery/raffle tumbler thing, but that's exactly what it looks like! Except everybody's a winner. ;)

          2. re: Veggo

            I soo miss the days of Denver when we used to go to the big flea mkt and there would be several stalls with the big old hand crank roasters set up.

          3. I'm an addict. The Mrs is coming back from Denver today on a week long business trip. Guess what her prime directive was? Fresh or pre-roasted/ peeled, as many that she could fit. Hopefully the latter.

            1. As a general rule in my book most things are better with green chiles added. I grew up in Texas which usually favors red sauces etc. but I prefer the New Mexican style with green. Nothing like a green chile cheeseburger. Once a year our local grocery story brings in fresh Hatch green chiles and roasts them at the store. I always buy several bags to have on hand.