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May 6, 2010 07:23 PM

Beef, Bison, Lamb - where to get the goods on Van Isle?

Hey all,
Being new to the island, and grateful for this wonderful weather we're having, I'm gettin' the itch to fire up the BBQ. I think some nice dry aged, grass fed beef, or free range drug free bison, or local lamb shanks butterflied. Maybe someone out there can steer (sorry for the bad pun) me in the right direction? Tried the grocery chains, a few local butchers - no luck so far. I mean, I'm all for planking a wild salmon or grilling the incredibly fresh and tasty halibut steaks they sell everywhere but sometimes a man's gotta have his meat.

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  1. hey spitjr... are you in Victoria or Nanaimo or.. somewhere else??
    :) If you're around the Vic or Saanich, then I'd recommend the Red Barn Market on West Saanich Road for hormone-free bison and beef... and possibly lamb?
    If you want somewhere closer in town, you can go to Market on Yates (Yates and Quadra) or Market on Millstream (Millstream north of the highway). There is beef, bison, and lamb, though I'm not sure if they're free range, drug-free.

    Now that the summer street markets are starting up again, I remember buying some free-range hormone-free highland beef from the market in Duncan.

    EDIT, the automatic link for Red Barn is for the Vanalman location, which is smaller than the one on West Saanich Rd. Here's a map to that location: