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May 6, 2010 06:13 PM

Farmers markets/local produce or meat in northern Fairfield County

Hi all, I'm wondering about everyone's favorite markets are in the area? I've never visited a market in the area of any kind and haven't seen anything on what we have available around here. Ideally, the markets would be within 25-30 minutes of me at the worst (I'm on the border of Brookfield/Danbury). I've become increasingly unsatisfied with the selection of vegetables, beef, and fish available at the average grocery store around here, and would like to branch out to more local sources or markets. I recall there being some kind of market around Main Street in Danbury, but I haven't driven by at that hour in a while...

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  1. Check the Ct Dept of Ag website, they have a list of farm markets there. Here's a webpage.