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Zaytinya: so much to eat, so little time

Going to Zaytinya for dinner (for 1-2). Formidable, far-flung menu. Any advice about what to order?


701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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  1. Bantijan bil laban is my favorite order.

    1. I just may one day feel compelled to commit an act of violence for the zucchini fritters. and maybe the octopus.

      1. For dessert, the yogurt with apricots.

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        1. re: Bob W

          I agree, get the yogurt with apricots for dessert....better yet, get two!

          1. re: Snd485

            I have made a plan to combat this exact problem. I always get the dip trio (I usually get hummus, baba ghannouj, and htipiti). Sometimes I add the stuffed grape leaves. Then I get one vegetable mezze, two meat mezze (or one meat and one fish). I really like the olive oil poached salmon and the lamb kabob. then share the Turkish delight or yogurt with apricots. perfect!

        2. I reccommmend the following dishes, The Htipiki, the Veal Cheeks, Kolokithokeftedes, Avogolmono Soup, Crabcakes, scallops, fried squid. and look at their daily specials. They usually offer some wonderful dishes as well. Enjoy !

          1. The cauliflower is shockingly delicious. And I, as a general rule, despite lamb, but the arayes is fantastic.

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            1. re: katecm

              thanks for all the terrific suggestions (many of which were pursued).

              my regrets were that I could only dine for one and so missed out on many choices, alas. Next time.

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                  Have one less regret...the apricot parfait is easy to make and the recipe is online:


                  Enjoy! (Don't look at the calorie count though...)

              1. Veal cheeks are delish but my fav so far has been the grilled octopus... Might be time for another visit, actually.

                1. Lamb Chops!
                  Quail couscous!
                  Apricot dessert!

                  1. shrimp with dill and shallots! :) don't let them take away the plate until you have mopped up all the sauce with the bread.

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                    1. re: Goldielocks1225

                      shrimp: agree
                      dessert: also
                      roasted brussel sprouts: outstanding
                      and . . . don't miss out on opportunity to taste some terrific wines (Greek & Middle East)

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                        I just noticed that the bar happy hour menu has the pita bread listed for $2. Does it still come with the meals at the tables?

                        1. re: daves_32

                          Ate at the bar recently, happy hour specials, and we got the basket of pita for free without ordering it, with the dipping oil/vinegar. I had also noticed it listed at a price, but now I can't remember -- maybe it was that a second basket would be a charge? Anyway, I don't think you need to worry. And eating happy hour specials at the bar is a great deal, btw.