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quick question needed with lobster

I have two lobsters that my husband very nicely took all the meat out of for me, after they were steamed. he is away, i didn't eat them tonight (they were cooked yesterday)

I would like to freeze them and use them early next week to make a Lazy man's lobster casserole type thing.....is that ok to do? or should I make them for dinner tomorrow night.

thanks so much!

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    1. I vote eat them tomorrow. I cannot think of any item that loses more of its flavor for having been frozen, even for a short while, than cooked lobster meat.

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          +2 for flavor *and* texture reasons.

        2. I only hesitate because I think freezing the meat will affect it's texture and flavor. But I have never frozen cooked lobster meat before, so it is only a hunch on my part, not proven.

          1. Yes because in a casserole you won't be able to discern the subtle changes in the taste or texture of the lobster post-freezer

            1. I would be having lobster rolls about 10 minutes after the meat came out of the shell!

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                5 minutes, coll;-).

                That said, I froze lobster meat for no longer than a week once or twice, and it was fine. It's quite delicate in texture and flavor. Longer than that, other posters say nay, and I agree.

              2. I had already eaten one whole lobster that day, so just was not in the mood for another. i did pop it in the freezer and will use it on monday (would be sooner but am cooking for company tomorrow and going out on mothers day.)

                i figure how BAD could lobster be:?

                1. I feel like a broken record on here when it comes to lobster, because I used to fishand sell lobsters commercially in Boston, for many years. Have lost lots of lobsters in the beginning of my career, due to my being naive and young. Lobsters die quickly for lots of reasons, but can be cooked (not sold), within about 6 hours time. With that being said, I have done lots of freezing lobster meat (cooked) through the years. And BTW, most restaurants freeze lobster meat all the time. It's used in most dishes that aren't coming to your plate as a whole lobster.
                  So in answer to your question, yes you can freeze your lobster meat for next week's lazy mans lobster casserole and it will taste just fine. I don't recommend freezing lobster for a long period of time tho, texture and taste deminsh quickly.

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                    I agree - I wouldn't freeze lobster indefinitely but since you only want to freeze for a few days, you should be ok.