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May 6, 2010 05:55 PM

Jamaican Grocery

Can anyone recommend a good Jamaican grocery store in or near Toronto? I'm trying to find Jamaican coffee and ketchup. Thanks!

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  1. I buy Grace's products, and Walkerswood, at Soon Lee , Markham and Lawrence.
    Costco Ajax has the current Williams coffee kiosk, with Blue Mountain blend at $14/lb, but this will move to another Costco next week.
    I bought Swiss Premium Tomato Ketchup (Trinidad) at T. Phat, Kingston Rd E. in Pickering (the old Knob Hill.) It may be a substitute for Jamaican.
    There is a Nicey's store in Scarboro, but I haven't been there. They closed up in Pickering.

    Soon Lee
    629 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1J, CA

    1. Actually I was also looking for Jamaican coffee.Anywhere near DT?

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        There's a place named Socahome or something like that in Aurora near me.


        Best I can do for ya.

        DT ;-)

      2. There is the Carribbean Corner in Kensington Market, and on Baldwin(?) is the Blue Mountain Coffee shop...this might be just what you are looking for.

        1. you can get 100% Blue Mountain Coffee at the Coffee Tree on Bloor West near Jane - it's super expensive though, like $60 a pound.
          Otherwise, lots of places like the ones mentioned do a 'blend'...but i'm not sure if it's even with blue mountain givin the price it's probably just high mountain.
          Food wise, eglinton west or maybe bathurst north of bloor should have options

          Coffee Tree
          2412 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S1P9, CA

          Blue Mountain Cafe
          1587 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1H7Z3, CA

          1. Any Nicey's food market will have all the basic products you need like Grace Ketchup.

            As far as 100% authentic Blue Mountain coffee is concerned, whenever someone has it in TO, you will definitely be overcharged.

            Consider that 85-90% (depending on the source) of Blue Mountain coffee beans are exported to Japan and the majority of the remainder to the US, that leaves a market that is filled with Blue Mountain blends for the most part in Toronto. You are better off buying it online (Mavis Bank has a supplier set up in Atlanta you can find online) or taking a trip to Jamaica, it'll probably cost you about the same : )