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May 6, 2010 04:43 PM

brewbakers middletown ct.

has anyone out here dined at brewbakers restaurant in middletown? we were in middletown and had a great lunch just recently. there was a chicken meatloaf melt that was to die for! my wife,(a vegy) had a black bean hummus and avocado panini on some kind of whole grain chiabota bread and that was good too.

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  1. 2000fair,
    Have not been for lunch but boy oh boy is breakfast a must. It's not O'Rourkes and that might be a plus in my book. The choices are great and the prices are more than fair,with no attitude at the door. They don't open as early as I like but I can deal. A+!


    1. Yes, not a bad place. True, it's not like an o'rourkes, but then again, there aren't any dope fiends, hookers, and panhandlers sizing you up waiting to get in

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          same side of the street as Thai Gardens (main&college), about a hundred yards south

      1. Have been to Brewbakers for lunch several times. Excellent but a bit pricey. Free wifi. The food is good. Now I want to try them for breakfast.

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          Not free anymore.....only free if you are ordering food. LOL.

        2. Love it there. Only problem there is that the table/booths don't fit waist challenged individuals.

          1. The original comment has been removed