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May 6, 2010 03:38 PM

New 99 Ranch Market in Pleasanton

I went here the day after it opened to check it out. They had lobsters for $5.99 a pound. Went back the following Friday to have them steam a couple for a Friday night dinner and the price had gone up to $6.99 a pound. Still a great deal and they were terrific. Stopped by there today and the price was the same but the tank was empty. Hopefully, just a temporary situation. Also tried their self serve dim sum for lunch. Three pieces for $2.20 and a really nice selection. Definitely like this location more than the one in Dublin.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Did you notice if there were any other Chinese eateries in the immediate area?

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      About a mile and a half down Santa Rita on the rright, heading towards downtown is a chinese restaurant called Blessing. Its set back from the road in a shopping center. Their chow fun with black bean sauce combo is amazing.

    2. I agree that this is a very nice market and it should be, because it used to be a furniture store and is basically new from the ground up. Lots of promise having all that butcher area, produce and fresh fish available. I went on the OP's recommendation to try the food court's offerings and I have to say that the dim sum selections were not very good. Too dense and too much time in the steam.
      As the saying goes, 'the food isn't good, but they give you a lot". Since the store is so new, it is overstaffed but they haven't worked out their operational issues in terms of speedy service and checkout.
      I'm very pleased to have this new outpost available in my general traffic pattern as a shopping option.