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May 6, 2010 03:21 PM

PB Boulangerie Bistro- Wellfleet

Drove by today, and it looks cute- has anyone tried it yet? All the Yelp reviews seem to be about the outstanding baked goods.

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  1. Yes, it has been talked about already:

    and there was another thread on it as well that I can't find right now. In that thread, several people said that the baked goods are amazing, but that they need to work out some kinks as far as service: it's a free-for-all and needs a "now serving" number system or something like that. How very French! Some went so far as to say that if there are a lot of cars in the parking lot, they will not even stop because the aggravation isn't worth it. I do hope they reslove that problem. I drove by several times the past 2 weekends and it was quite busy! If you go, please post...

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      I stopped there last Saturday about 5 PM and it was not crowded. Service was good but of course there were few costomers there at the time. The pastries and bread looked very good. We tried the macaroons both apricot and chocolate and they were decadent........but at a $1.25 a piece they better be! My daughter tried the chocolate croissants and said they were delicious. The lemon and fruit tarts looked great as did a cranberry and cheese brioche.
      Next time I will have to get some of their bread.......which included baguettes and various artisan breads ( a cheese bread included)
      Judging by the amount of cars in the parking on Sunday, they seem to be doing great.
      Our neighbor in Wellfleet who lives here year round says the owners plan to serve dinner there well as the lunch and breakfast they do now.

    2. I went this morning. I had a plain croissant and bought a cranberry batard. Both were exceptional as was the coffee. I drove down LeCount Hollow & consumed my breakast staring out at the Atlantic. It was a difficult decision choosing what to try but a classic croissant was an obvious litmus test. Rich, buttery yet flaky and light and dark enough in color. I hate a pale, anemic croissant. I hope they are planning on staying open year round as i don't think i will have the werewithal to deal with the crowds during the season. Yes, the service was definitely off. Customers were erroneously picking up other customers orders which had been laid by the register. The staff needs to communicate more. Three different people asked if they could help me which isn't a bad thing but i was already being helped and others were not. The Bistro is not open yet & looks to be a large space & an ambitious undertaking. This is no mom & pop operation, these guys have some serious financial backers. My question is...why here???? why the Outer Cape???? this could be a viable business in NYC or any major city or the wealthier burbs of any major city. So...why here? Do these two frenchmen have any ties to the Cape? anyone know the story?

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        I don't know if the owners have ties to Cape Cod but I think they coudn't have picked a better spot for the business. This part of the Cape needed a quality bakery. I have been on Cape here the entire past month which is still "off season" and either stop or pass by the Boulangerie -Bistro daily and can tell you that the place has lots of customers daily.........and weekends are packed. Now this is "off season" so customers are mainly locals.........the summer will bring tthem more business than they can handle when tourists arrive.
        So why here for a bakery??.................because it will make them RICH!!!

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            Blue Soup- I'm not going to be much help regarding your questions of their backgrounds and "why Wellfleet"because I cannot remember, BUT, those questions were all answered on the channel 5 show "Chronicle" last week. Maybe someone else saw it and can answer! Hey, I'm just glad they chose the outer Cape and not New York.

            1. re: ciclista

              Thanks Ciclista! I found the Chronicle video online. One of the PB partners is married to a woman from/with family in Wellfleet, so they started the business here.

              Here is a link to the video:
              EDIT: it doesn't link perfectly, c&p url below, then type in boulangerie in "search all videos" box and you will get there.


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                Article about Boulangerie and its owners

                Facebook . .....French bakery sets October debut in Wellfleet
                By Marilyn Miller

                The Cape Codder
                Posted Sep 27, 2009 @ 09:10 AM
                WELLFLEET — The former clam shack at 15 LeCount Hollow Road in Wellfleet looks nothing like a bakery or a restaurant at this point, but Boris Villatte, 30, knows where everything will go when it all arrives.
                The ovens he'll use to make his croissants, pastries and breads should arrive in two weeks or so.
                Work crews are busy renovating the interior and filling up the dumpsters outside.

                Soon shelves will go up to display the baked goods he'll sell to folks coming in for a cup of café and a croissant. They will be able to sit at counter and look out of a picture window as they enjoy it. The window is not there yet, but by mid-October it will be.

                Once the PB Boulangerie Bakery and Bistro is churning out breads and croissants said Villatte, a master baker, then work will start on turning the rest of the building into the 60 seat bistro where diners can sit and watch as their meals being cooked in front of them by his business partner and fellow Frenchman, Philippe Rispoli, 32, a classically trained chef in France who has won many awards. His wife, Valeria Rispoli, comes from Wellfleet and will work in the bistro. The couple will live in town. Valeria Rispoli’s local roots, plus vacations by both Villatte and Rispoli to the Outer Cape, influenced their decision to start a business in Wellfleet.

                Before opening their bistro in Wellfleet Villatte and Rispoli both worked at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

                Villatte laughed when Wellfleet contractor Andrew Parkington, who is doing the renovations, noted that he wouldn’t be making quite as many croissants as he did in Las Vegas.

                In Wellfleet, at PB Boulangerie Bistro, Villatte will create pastries, croissants, and a variety of fresh breads daily that, he said, will be reasonably priced.

                "We don't want to go too high in the prices," he said. "The bakery will open first, and then, since we lost the season, we'll work on opening the bistro

      2. We were there over the weekend - absolutely fantastic! I think we ate more baked goods in one sitting than ever before, 2 croissants, a brioche with dark chocolate and candied orange, a white chocolate loaf and a pain fromage et lardon. All spectacular, highly highly recommended