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May 6, 2010 03:12 PM

Philadelphia Area Kosher Caterer Needed

I've been having the worst time with finding a good Kosher caterer for our dairy wedding in the fall. The location vetoed our top choice (Peachtree) and although we have a couple we're in the process of getting quotes from - and I've been all over these boards - the pickings seem slim.

Fresh, seasonal, local is very important to us...

Location: Philadelphia (any caterer MD to NY seems to deal with philly)

I'd oh so love and appreciate any suggestions!!

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  1. We have used Isaac Linietsky for our wedding (Lower Merion Synagogue) and several simchas at Sons of Israel in Cherry Hill. He has always done a fantastic job and has been wonderful to work with.


    1. You might want to try Zev Seidman - he does a lot of catering around the Main Line, cooks for R&R Produce and has the kosher certification of the Orthodox Vaad of Philadelphia. His number is: (610) 649-5611

      1. Hi Melzie,
        I'm the owner of Peachtree Kosher-- wondering why we were vetoed! ! ?

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          I had been most interested in Peachtree and had many good conversations with Jon - you came recommended highest from everyone, including the brother of the groom, but according to the facility, you guys are too close competition for their caterers. It seemed fishy to me, but I need to be able to work with them.