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May 6, 2010 02:37 PM

what's your favourite easy dessert?

I'm doing lunch for family on Sunday and I'm making Jamie Oliver's Pork Goulash.

I will be out the night before and I'm baking all day saturday for the evening - so I am trying to think of an easy make ahead dessert.

Normally my favourite desserts are apple based eg, apple tart, apple cake, apple frangipane tart etc.

All I can think of in the make ahead category is Tiramisu! But I don't want to make that as it's a bit rich and there will be 2 kids eating. I don't like cheesecake so won't be making that.

Any suggestions? I don't like a traditional dark chocolate mousse so that's off the cards too.

It's still a bit early for summer fruits here. My usual dessert is brownies but I have made them so many times...

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  1. I know I have probably posted this before. But it is a quick and easy way to make a dessert the day before.

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      Oops - should have said that I'm in london so we don't have that kind of packaged stuff! Thanks anyway...

    2. - frozen chocolate-dipped bananas
      - chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and dried fruit
      - trifle
      - pudding
      - blondies instead of your standard brownies
      ETA: since i just noticed you said you like apple desserts, how about apple-cinamon bread pudding? you can either make it in a large dish or individual servings.

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        Do you have a recipe for the C.A. pudding? Sounds interesting.

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          oh goodness, i haven't made bread pudding in AGES. i definitely liked this Bon App├ętit recipe with some tweaks:

          from what i recall, i used cinnamon-raisin bread, doubled the cinnamon, used *evaporated* (not condensed) 2% milk instead of the 1% milk, and brown sugar instead of white.

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            I vote for the Bread simple and yet so versatile...add fruit, spices..good warm or cold....

      2. chocolate dipped strawberries. easy, pretty and simple.

        1. When I need a stylish dessert fast, but don't want to take the time to bake, I make a pound cake trifle.

          If you can find premade pound cake on your grocer's or baker's shelves, it's so easy. Basically you just cut up the cake into squares, and fill a trifle dish with layers of cake, a layer of pudding or whipped cream, and fresh fruit. There are a lot of possibilities for flavors, depending upon what you can find and what season. Strawberries & cream, raspberries and chocolate, lemon and blueberries, tropical fruits like kiwi and mango with coconut, you get the picture.

          And brushing the cake with a lemon syrup, or some other liquid to moisten first is a key part. One recipe I've used called for Grand Marnier, but I doubt you want that with 2 children eating it.

          And you can also do the same dessert with brownies, and use chocolate pudding and ripe raspberries, and garnish with mint, it is lovely and delicious.

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            + 1 on the trifle; it's one of my favorite go to can use any kind of cake, fillings and fruits and you really can't go wrong.

            Another thing I like to do is make an ice cream pie; get a cookie crust (store bought or make it yourself) fill it halfway with ice cream, add a filling like fruit or cookie crumbs, etc. Top with a second layer of ice cream, maybe some whipped cream and put in freezer for a few hours. Garnish when it's time to serve.

            I usually keep some pastry cream in my fridge for quick desserts. You could whip up a parfait, trifle, tiramisu; use it to stuff eclairs, add to fillo cups etc in no time.

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              Yes, trifle. It's worth buying a pretty trifle dish (with high glass sides and maybe standing on a stem) because anything you put in it looks spectacular and can be assembled in five minutes. Any layered combination of cake or ladyfingers, pudding, whipped cream, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, bananas, mixed fruit etc---you can top it artfully with coconut or toasted sliced almonds or chocolate shot or bits of glace' fruit---can sprinkle the cake with rum or liqueur---and the result is always gorgeous. Also you can use the same dish for layered salads (light green lettuce, dark green spinach, tomatoes,shredded carrots etc---the beauty is in the variety of colors and textures visible through sides of dish).

            2. One of my favorite desserts for the spring and summer is fresh oranges with cinnamon. You just peel and slice oranges into beautiful wheels, lay them out on a pretty platter, and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Delicious! I've made it ahead of time, then covered and refrigerated it with no bad effects (in fact, the juice and sugar turn into a bit of a syrup. Yum!).
              Enjoy your lunch!

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              1. re: egging

                I love doing that. I usually skip the sugar and use orange blossom water. It's so lovely.

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                  Ooh--I'll have to try the orange blossom water. Sounds delightful.