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Something like Dairy Queen?

Does anyone have suggestions for a closer alternative for a Dairy Queen-like blizzard? It's a thick soft-serve ice cream with any variety of toppings mixed in. It's not a milkshake, and requires a spoon to eat. I'm having a blizzard craving and quick search shows a DQ in Reading, which is doable for me but on the far side. I'd also prefer something non-chain of course, and "local" to me is starting in Somerville.

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  1. I know you said not a chain but a McFlurry is the same thing more or less.

    1. I think Friendly has something like that-- a "Frienzy" or something or other.

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        Yep Friend-z http://www.friendlys.com/menu/dessert...
        I think they are all using the same machine. The plastic spoon has a square hollow handle that snaps in the machine and does all the mixing right in the cup.

      2. Believe it or not, McDonald's serves a credible Dairy Queen like soft serve "Blizzard".

        1. I'm not positive but spun at powderhouse might do something like that with frozen yogurt.

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            Spun is pretty much the antithesis of DQ. It's good, but not really a substitute.

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              Their name annoys me so much I can't go there. I prefer Berryline in flavor and texture, anyways. But agree w/ prior poster- nothing like Dairyqueen!

          2. Steves Ice Cream in Fanieul Hall. They will mix anything for you

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              Is there actually still a Steve's in Fanueil Hall? Or anywhere, for that matter?

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                What part of "like Dairy Queen" don't you understand?

                Also, Steve's has been gone even longer than Herrell's.

                155 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

              2. Dairy Barn on 892 North Main Street in Randolph is great. Good soft serve and lots of mixins.

                1. Not to be a wise guy.....but seriously, doesn't every ice cream place that has soft serve, do some version of a blizzard? I know in Quincy alone Dairy Freeze, Brighams, Frozen Freddie's, Friendly's, and yes, even McDonald's all do them. I'm surprised anyone would have a hard time finding one.

                  Dairy Freeze
                  635 Adams St, Quincy, MA 02169

                  Frozen Freddies
                  435 Washington St, Quincy, MA 02169

                  1. There's a DQ in Longwood Galleria....

                    1. There's a DQ in the Longwood Galleria.

                      1. I don't think Carvel has Blizzards, but they do have frozen shake-like things. Their ice cream is actually quite creamy and good, and there's one in Malden if you're up for a short trip. It's a chain, but the ice cream doesn't taste artificial. So far it's my favorite of the soft-serve I've tried in the Boston area.


                        1. Check out Dairy Maid on Broadway in Everett.

                          Dairy Maid
                          RR 44, Raynham, MA 02767

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                            Thanks, Phatchris. We went there last night-- they have frappes, flurries and freezes. A flurry is pretty much what we were looking for. A "freeze" oddly enough is ice cream with orange soda. Who knew?

                            They serve Richardson's ice cream, which is nothing special, and not sure where their soft serve is from. The flurry had very large (almost whole cookie size) chunks of oreo, but they were able to blend chocolate and coffee soft serve for a sort of mocha which was good. For $5, it was a ton of ice cream, but I must admit it lacked the thickness and creaminess of Dairy Queen and wasn't quite blended enough.

                            Next up is Dairy Queen to refresh my memory of the gold standard, then maybe Carvel...

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                              Here's my recipe for the ideal choc chip Blizzard. Most of the times they'll make it this way if you ask nicely.
                              1/2 vanilla and 1/2 twist ice cream. This way it's a quarter chocolate, which is the perfect amount (IMO). To make the chip part, never use chips, but rather the chocolate dipped stuff they use to cover the chocolate chip cones. So... they fill half the cup with vanilla, pour in the cone dip chocolate, then top with twist, then put in the Blizzard machine. The cone dip stuff is melt in your mouth chocolatey (though who knows if there's any chocolate in it) and gives the Blizzard the perfect texture.

                              As CocoDan would say:


                              Guilty pleasure #3 on my list.