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May 6, 2010 01:37 PM

Philadelphia Area Kosher Caterer Needed

I've been having the worst time with finding a good Kosher caterer for our dairy wedding in the fall. The location vetoed our top choice (Peachtree) and although we have a couple we're in the process of getting quotes from - and I've been all over these boards - the pickings seem slim.

Fresh, seasonal, local is very important to us...

Location: Philadelphia (any caterer MD to NY seems to deal with philly)

I'd oh so love and appreciate any suggestions!!

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  1. Have you tried the Kosher Board? They are pretty good with answers, no matter where you live. There is another approach to this--something like a Kosher Gemach, but I'm not sure how you would locate these.

    1. i've used Barclay caterers --the owner is Steve Hellinger -- for 2 parrties. I don't know how local his sources are; but it's kosher, fresh and guests seemed to like it. He is a pleasure to deal with and stays on budget.

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        LOVE Barclay, am so happy when I am invited to an event catered by them. Even used them for my own wedding. BUT if you have a frum crowd, i doubt you can use them. Bummer. I have eatten at Shalom Caterings place in Bala (or there about) and liked the food alot, but I have never been to an afair catered by them. i know they are accepted pretty much by all the frummy crowd. I second trying at the Kosher Boards. Best of luck to you and Mazel Tov!

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          We just used Barclay for a Phila. work related event, and everyone seemed very happy with the food. My Office Manager said they are a pleasure to deal with. Not sure on the fresh, seasonal local end of things, tho' this was an April event and included asparagus, so that's a good sign! A couple rabbis in the crowd, and they seemed to find the choice acceptable...but neither is Orthodox.

      2. The local Lubavitcher congregation has a list of recommended local Kosher restaurants on their Web site, <>, to help tourists.

        If frum considerations factor into your decision, give them a call and inquire about caterers. They are quite a friendly and helpful group.

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          You might also check out Betty the Caterer at - the JCC here in Cherry Hill uses them and we also liked them at other events we have attended. BTW, we have personally used their non-kosher division -Ellsworth Scott, for our bar/bat mitzvahs at our synagogue and have been very pleased with the food as well as the service and staff. Hope this helps!

          1. re: uromac

            BTC did the Phillies Kosher consesion stand at the Jewish Heritage night 2008,. The food was so awful that I actually contacted the Phillies about how bad it was and begged them to NEVER use them again! The hotdogs were all BURNED. The potato kinishes tasted like thay had been made months before, had been frozen for too long and reheated (they had that too much time in the freezer taste) and the desserts were wrapped in plastic baggies with HANNUKAH stickers on the front! The game was in AUGUST!. Did they get pulled from the freezer too? I am so sorry but when the caterer is too stupid to realize the bags have stickers on them for a WINTER Holiday and they use them in the summer, they really can't be trusted IMO.

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              BTC is the worst ... they live in infamy in my family b/c he "cheated" my mom over open bars/liquor at my wedding a century ago. more recently, i have had their food at parties and it was average/old-school jewish (and that's not a good thing)

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                Yeah - I had been recommended Betty the Caterer by a few people, but the venue has had such horrible experiences with them that they're on the list of folks I'm not allowed to work with - so I'm leaving that alone.

                I'm going later today to meet with Manna in NY - anyone have any experiences with them?

        2. Max & David's catering arm is good. I know they are sensitive to local and seasonal food but not sure how that translates to the catering menu. Definitely Orthodox-friendly; they work out of Barrack Hebrew Academy (formerly Akiba).

          1. You should really give Barclay Kosher Caterers a call they are great to work with.

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              i found barclay wonderful 2 work with and know i will always find the food 2 be great when i go to an afair they cater
              i may not like the choices my hots/hotess picks, but i jnowe it will be presented in a beautiful way and it will taste good 2
              good luck 2 u