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May 6, 2010 10:32 AM

Restaurants in Springfiled VA 22151 for Mothers Day

Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be fancy, something that is kid friendly. Any good Asian or Latin/Mexican restaurants anyone could recommend?

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  1. At this late time, I'd look to the nearer GAR restaurants for availability. They're all about the same-pleasing to most tastes with a nice variety to pick from.
    It's a very safe bet.

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    1. re: monavano

      Thanks, but what do you mean when you say GAR?

      1. re: daynasch

        Great American Restaurant Group-Arties, Sweetwater Tavern etc. Mike's American in Springfied would be the nearest.
        Also, speaking of restaurant groups, Clyde's in Landmark isn't far away.
        Oh, and Pasara Thai in Kingstowne is 5 min. away.

        1. re: monavano

          I like Mike's. It's is unbelievably packed on Mother's Day, since it's one of the few good restaurants for Mother's Day (a little nicer than casual) in that area. Call ahead and put your name on the list but good luck with it!

          You could try Afghan Kebob on the corner of Old Keene Mill and Rolling. It doesn't look like much from the outside but inside is nice, tablecloths, candles. The food is very good. I was very surprised the first time I tried it. I think it looks like a bordello from the outside. Most of our Iranian friends swear by it.

          1. re: chowser

            Afghan Kabob is really good. Tau Tau is great Chinese and just down the road (further down Keene Mill, past Huntsman Blvd, in the Rolling Valley Shopping Center.

            Thai Cafe right next to Springfield Mall is good too.

            La Hacienda nearby Springfield Mall in Brookfield Plaza is really good (Mexican and Central American, more Central), its really local though, a place to the area's latino expats.

            El Paso(?) Rest is good Mexican, further down Keene Mill, less than 1/4 mile past Tau Tau. It has more of a suburban restaurant thing going, not kitsch, but its Mexicaned up, no Futball beer banners, etc. Not sure if that's the name, its in Burke Towne Shopping Ctr by Safeway and Glory Days Grill. There's also a good Italian restaurant there, Rafagino's.

            San Vito Restaurant is really good italian, and a nice place for a special occasion thing. It's at the intersection of Rolling Rd & Braddock.

            Mike's is a really good idea. Nice for a nice occasion, but definitely going to be packed. Maybe call and see how long the list is, then send someone early to get you guys on the list. I don't think they take phone reservations. Could be wrong though.

            La Hacienda Restaurant
            7037 Brookfield Plz, Springfield, VA 22150

      1. How zipcode specific do we need to get? Maizbon Afghan is a very elegant yet colorful restaurant (think Arabian Nights meets Disney) with some really gorgeous and savory stews.

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        1. re: Steve

          I don't need zip code specific, I am not really familiar with the area, and my sister has just moved there so she doesn't know either. We are starting at her house in the neighborhood of Kings something and going from there. I'm driving down from Baltimore with my 16 month old so I'm looking for something easy and not too far from her house. Thanks for your suggestion.

          1. re: daynasch

            I highly recommend the 'Afghan Specialties' from their menu, especially the Du Piaza, and Keecheri Quroot. The salads that are included with these (roumi panir and garden salad - but what a garden!) are wonderful.


            1. re: Steve

              Thai Cafe!!! If you like Thai, you wont be disappointed! =)

            2. re: daynasch

              You're actually not far from Fairfax, VA and there are a number of decent restaurants there. It sounds like your sis moved into King's Park either east or west. In fact in some ways Fairfax is closer, you just cut across Braddock to Main street on any number of roads that go through.

              1. re: HokieAnnie

                Yes, Kings Park is close to a lot of good areas. Just one exit up on the beltway and the OP could be in Annandale and a few good Korean restaurants. Han Gang would be nice for Mother's Day.


                Another exit up is Merrifield where there's Four Sisters, Vietnamese. Both are very pretty restaurants and suitable for a toddler. I think Four Sisters would be perfect, less than 10 minutes away.


                Four Sisters Restaurant
                Strawberry Ln Falls Church VA, Strawberry Ln Falls Church, VA

              2. re: daynasch

                If she's in Kingstowne, there's a bunch of good Thai and other restaurants right there. A little donw the springfield Parkway, at Springfield Mall, is Thai Cafe, which is really good. Mike's and La Hacienda are a minute from the mall as well. Tau Tau, San Vito, etc etc that I mentioned above are another 10 minute drive. Afghan Kabob is 5 min.

                If you want to get to San Vito quickly, hop back on 495 (if she's in Kingstowne, she's the Van Dorn exit, right?) and just cross over the 95 and get off at the next 495 exit (Braddock Rd), San Vito is like 3-4? minutes down the road.

                everything is like a 10-15 min drive here... sucks

                La Hacienda Restaurant
                7037 Brookfield Plz, Springfield, VA 22150

            3. P.S. - maybe kinda ridiculous, but if you have the day to kill, and you end up doing Korean or something, and you guys are adventurous, you go all out and spend the day at the Spa World in Centreville. It's a crazy Korean spa, but its totally suburban. Like, $30 and you can spend 24 hrs there, heat rock rooms, massages, different water pools, food (not sure how good) etc etc. it's huge