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May 6, 2010 10:26 AM

Black Fondant and other cake materials?

Does anyone know where I could find Black Fondant in the Seattle/Bellevue area? I ordered online and it is going to be well over a week to get it. I know you can make fondant but black never comes out just right for me so I was hoping to pick some up.

thank you!

P.s. I did search and did not find anything about fondant, if I missed something let me know,


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    1. Definitely give Home Cake Decorating on Roosevelt a call. The store looks like a big jumbled mess, but they've always had every hard to find baking item I've looked for.

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        Dawn's Cake and Candy has great supplies, but they recently moved from Lynwood to Kirkland, so I haven't been to the new spot.

        Michael's and Display Costume both carry Wilton products. Quality is not as good as Home Cake or Dawn's, but will do in a pinch