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May 6, 2010 06:05 AM


Have tried scezchuan garden,tangerine and lotus east already just okay any place else to try Thanx

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  1. Wow, I guess no answers is an answer, huh? I used to live out that way, and the best local takeout 5 years ago was Far East in Miller Place, on 25A.

    1. I haven't tried Far East, but Win Hing in the King Kullen shopping center (Mt. Sinai) is pretty OK...Eastern Pavilion in Setauket is sometimes very good, sometimes ehhh (their General Tso's chicken is usually a winner). Not a whole lot of good options, unfortunately. Best bet: go to the Asian market in Stony Brook on Saturday morning around 11 a.m., they truck in a ton of stuff from Flushing and usually have a big selection of dim sum, roast duck, and my favorite -- a bed of rice covered with roasted pork, roast chicken, greens, and a fried egg, with garlic and soy dipping sauces. A bargain for $6.

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        I used to eat in Eastern Pavilion once in a while; some dishes were good, but I never eat stuff like General Tso's chicken, so can't judge by that. I remember when the Asian grocery was in the building that's now Gallery North, back in the 70s. A young couple with a baby ran it, different folks. I never tried Win Hing. There was a place in the Friendly's/Powerhouse gym shopping center in Miller Place that kept changing hands, Ho Ming, maybe? Sometimes very good, other times, meh.