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May 6, 2010 05:59 AM

Where should I bring college girls on dates?

I've been going on a lot of dates with college girls lately, but most of my favorite bars are inappropriate places to bring a 19-year old. (I'm 24. Yes, I know I'm a creep.) There are a thousand restaurants I could be bringing these girls, but I always blank on it when the time comes.

I need some places that are:
1)Relatively cheap
2)Not impossible to get a table on a fri or sat
3)Casual but not too-casual (eg. not Anna's Taqueria)
4)On the Red Line
5)Veggie friendly (but for my sake Carnivore friendly, ideally)

I know that this doesn't really narrow things down, but it's good to have a lot of options for whichever neighborhood one ends up in.

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  1. In Davis Sq., Johnny D's. In Harvard Sq., Veggie Planet. Between Harvard and Central, Garden at the Cellar. In Kendall Sq., Emma's Pizza and The Friendly Toast. In Beacon Hill, Figs.

    Emma's Pizza
    40 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

    Veggie Planet
    47 Palmer St, Cambridge, MA 02138

    The Friendly Toast
    1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

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    1. re: pollystyrene

      Also in Davis, the fabulous Diva.
      In Andrew, Cafe know, if she's that type of girl. ;-)
      Also in Kendall, Za.

    2. Ahhhhh, youth....I remember those days....

      Cambridge Common on Mass. Ave. might be a good bet. They are inexpensive, usually have tables on weekend nights, very casual, between Porter and Harvard T stops, and have both veggie dishes and meat dishes. AND they have an outstanding beer list.

      Cambridge Common
      1667 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

      1. Cambridge 1 is a great date spot (at least i liked it when I was 19). really good food and not expensive at all. plus the restaurant feels a lot more expensive than the prices on the menu...decor and ambience is much better than comparably priced places. veggie friendly and carnivore friendly.

        There's one in Harvard Sq. if you are sticking to the Red Line.

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        1. re: eckbean8

          I used to like Cambridge 1 in my dating days. Granted I was a bit older than he was, as were they but we're still talking the same general age ranges. It had that nice balance in terms of cost, atmo, etc.

        2. What about Chinatown? Best Little Restaurant is not fancy or expensive but it does have tablecloths, which is kind of nice if you're on a date. Hong Kong Eatery has excellent rice plates which is good if she wants veggies and you want meat. Another nice thing about Chinatown is that if it's a nice evening, you can stroll over to the North End for coffee and dessert after dinner. Or across the Public Garden.

          Hong Kong Eatery
          79 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

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          1. re: Velda Mae

            Please try Shay's if you are in Harvard Square, its on JFK street heading toward the river. It has a small outdoor patio a small but diverse menu but only beer and wine, no hard stuff and no dessert.Its affordable and funky and on a nice night or afternoon you can't beat the outdoor seating and people watching! I love to grab a bottle of prosecco and the hummus plate and settle in.

          2. It sounds like the new restaurant, Posto in Davis meets your criteria.

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            1. re: pemma

              Agreed, with the caveat that I've heard from friends who've tried to get tables on multiple weekends that they've had 1+ hour waits on Saturday nights. If you are amenable to eating at the bar, that may be easier, although there aren't a ton bar seats.