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May 6, 2010 04:11 AM

So how long will a porcelain dinnerware set last?

I’m thinking about investing in Pillivuyt dinnerware.

I love beautiful things, and things that last. I also love to use my beautiful things, and unlike my mother-in-law (only using her China at Christmas, not scraping the plates, or stacking them, and hand washing them), I’d like to use the porcelain dinnerware daily, use in the freezer/oven, wash in the dishwasher and feel happy to serve my guest a steak and give them a steak knife to use on the dish.

I used to own a Maxwell and Williams basic white dinner set and within 3 years of use the plates looked quite worn, which is fine, I mean it’s their job. But will the Pillivuyt slow to age? Will I still be happy using them in 20 years time and then some?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. This AM I made my tea in my mother's white Pillivuyt teapot which must be at least 40 years old. My own plain white Pillivuyt dishes have been purchased over the past 3 decades & are used several times daily. All are in perfect condition, no chipping, no discoloration, no special treatment, washed in d/w, in & out of cupboards, on & off the table, into & out of the dw...I'm talking very heavy everyday use here ...

    IME an excellent purchase [as was my Wedgwood Drabware, sadly no longer made...why, oh why did Wedgwood d/c this elegant design? But that's a whole other issue...]

    1. They'll last until about 1 second after you drop them.

      1. I have a lot of white porcelain - some of it KSPlus and over the last 5 years I have been mixing in Apilco and Pillivuyt. Not a single piece has a mark, a blemish, a sign of wear. It is true that if you drop it, it's done but the nice thing is that you will only break one piece and you can just mix in a replacement piece without problem. As a personal choice, I do not like patterns. I love the look of white porcelain and you never have to worry that either Pillivuyt or Apilco will suddenly stop making porcelain. So don't worry about breaking one.

        1. I always thought they last forever. Porcelain-ware made hundreds and thousands of years are displayed. Of cours, if you break it you break it, but porcelain-ware is very inert.

          1. snax, I only have 15-20 pieces of bakware of apilco and pillivuyt, not dinnerware. Many of them are still younger than 2 years but I already feel that I cannot go back anymore to "Stoneware". Apillco/Pillivuyt are lighter and harder. It does not get scratches as easily as stoneware. Cleaning is the best part - so easy. Even the back of the bottom which has no shiny glaze remains white while stoneware's bottom get dirty very easily with oils etc which once they are absorbed, you cannot really clean off, I guess. Also, my Mikasa white porcelain dinnerware set is three years old but I don't notice any major scratches although we use steak knives on the plates many times. I am not an expert but think the temparature of firing creates the difference.