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May 6, 2010 04:04 AM

French Macaroons

i would love to serve French Macaroons on Mother's day, anyone knows a place in Miami Beach, South or Southwest Broward? Please help!!!!!

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  1. I saw them yesterday at the Aventura Mall at Paul

    1. I know this is post is old.... but a new macaroon place opened in Bal Harbour Shops, on the second floor by Santa Fe and Sego Fredo.

      You can also order them through Marky's Caviar.

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      1. re: malibujessi

        The place at the Bal Harbour shops is mad mac......the macaroons are very good.

      2. I highly recomend you to go and try the pastry shop inside the Fontainebleau hotel..nice,fine and excellent pastries there.The french macaroons really good...

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        1. re: winewine

          I see them at the various farmer's markets all the time from the French chain located near Dadeland. I forget the name.