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May 5, 2010 10:56 PM

Chow Obsessives videos on youtube

I don't know if you have seen them, but I just want to say how AWESOME they are. The interviews are so raw, passionate, and real. When I watch them, it really gives me a sense of relief and hope that people are able to express themselves so freely still in America. I hope chow really catches on and makes this into a bigger thing, perhaps their own show. Really awesome.

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  1. Saw your message on the general board last night but as on my iphone and it wouldn't let me reply. I wish they had kept your message there because you're right - the videos are great and I hope more people learn about them. Thanks for informing us - I never would have come across them otherwise.

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    1. re: ghostpeppergirl

      Ugh oh no, they switched the thread to another board. Honestly, I really didn't even know a "site talk" section even existed

    2. Hi Takadi,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment--what an amazing thing to take from the work we do--and for being a CHOW video evangelizer. Passionate, smart viewers like you are the reason we do what we do.

      While we have the videos on youtube, our hope is that people will watch them on CHOW--why do you think it is that youtube is where people always watch our stuff? Just easier to find? Wondering about that in your case.

      And thank you again for taking the time to post, and for loving the videos. Makes us happy to hear how they've affected you.

      Meredith, video producer for CHOW

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      1. re: mudaba

        Youtube is just a great medium, especially for food vloggers, since it has the highest traffic of all web video sites. The comment section gets people more engaged. Plus I think this site puts more of an emphasis on the discussion boards and articles. I've seen this one blogger who made it big on youtube, then he decided to disable all of them comments and make super short videos that redirected everyone to his blog instead. His views plummeted needless to say and he went back to youtube. I honestly think youtube and sites like it are becoming the new television.

        Anyways, I love how your videos have such a unique perspective on foods and have an emphasis on authenticity without coming off as snobby or pretentious. The personalities you guys find are so hilariously dorky and funny. Keep up the great work. I think you guys would have more subscribers on youtube if you made chow obsessives a focal point, perhaps feature it on your page or organize it all into a video section