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New Chowhound destination in Reno: 5th St. Bakehouse

I have limited experience there but this looks like one of the coolest new places in Reno.
I stopped by today and got an ice cream and a peanut butter brownie. They make their own ice cream and I tried two. One is made with jalapeno in part of the process. Instead of a sweet finish (aftertaste) there's a spicy finish. I'm not sure I like it. The jury's still out. But it shows this is no ordinary place.
I did like the ice cream made with some sort of cookie. I couldn't understand the name but it's tasty. I got a cup. The peanut butter brownie was excellent, too. All first rate ingredients.'
I didn't see any bread I wanted to try but it looks like it might be pretty good. They also often sandwiches with fresh-made bread. That's what makes the tortas at Los Palomas on Wells Avenue so good. This definitely looks like a place to explore. Other restaurants in town seem to have culinary pretensions but the it looks like 5th St. Bakehouse delivers.

The owner lived in Reno before and returned after spending five years as a pastry chef in Napa.
It was hard to find. It's next to Keystone Cue and Cushion in the same strip mall that has Fresh Mex.

Pictured below are the building exterior, ice cream and the peanut butter brownie.

5th St. Bakehouse
953 W. 5th St.
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 323-1885

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  1. Geez, I used to live right up the hill on Severn Dr when I was @ UNR. Thanks for the post - do you remember what you paid?

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      The brownie was small and about $2, but tasty. First rate stuff. The ice cream was about $3. Together they came to just under $5.

    2. I stopped by for lunch and tried the Reno cheesesteak sandwich and the lemon meringue pie. Both were good. The sandwich was on cibatta bread and I still liked it, which is unusual because for some reason I hate Italian breads usually. The salad with it had nice fresh black olives. It was nice they weren't canned. The lemon meringue was nice and had a good crust.

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        Steve, your pics look mighty tasty as usual! The breakfast sandwiches sound kind of interesting. I've just discovered restaurants making sandwiches and burgers with potato bread and rolls. The new 775 Gastro Pub at the mall, uses potato rolls for the burgers. Very nice!, really makes the sandwich.

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          Thanks, Kara. I have more pictures to upload but can't find the time to get around to it.
          I wonder who makes the potato bun for the 775 Gastropub? I agree it is tasty.

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          shut the front door.
          I"m salivating here.
          looks wonderful, that's it! we're going back.
          I'll have to GPS the address next time we're in Tahoe.
          which will be soon since we gotta check on the baby caboose, she's in that direction

        3. Photos of the cowboy breakfast sandwich and the banana nut bread. Loved the breakfast sandwich. The banana nut bread was pretty routine.

          1. Hurray! Finally made it to this spot for lunch today - outstanding. My daughter and I shared the brisket sandwich with carmelized onions and the chicken sandwich with jalapeno jam. Both were tasty. I hear the Cuban sandwich is pretty darn good, too. I'll be back.

            1. They started offering on weekends biscuits and gravy with homemade chorizo in place of the sausage in the gravy and this is the best biscuits and gravy in Reno.
              Pictured are the biscuits and gravy with eggs and French toast.

              1. Fifth Street Bakehouse expects to get their liquor license any time now. Once they do they'll add small plates for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Tapas-style, although not necessarily Spanish-themed.
                Below are bratwurst and a blackberry cinnamon roll.

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                  Love this place - great write-up in today's RGJ, altho I can't believe he's not "allowed" to give it more than 3.5 stars in service because they don't serve alcohol and you order at the counter...it's all relative. There can be 5 star counter service and 1 star table service regardless of beverage choice!

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                    It was a great write up, one of the better I've seen for casual dining. I understand the rating they use. Perhaps they could use 2 types of ratings...one for casual and one for upscale (which would include wine service and multiple courses).

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                    I will leave my comment about that first picture inside my own head :/
                    my husband would have gone hog head wild over that sandwich while the dessert would have been all me...........dang, so missed knowig about this earlier..........rats

                  3. dang, seeing this now after being in Reno two weeks ago.
                    husband and I drove through.
                    knew there was a recent DDD's on that featured a Reno place but had no major appetite at that moment. sure could have used your 'meal' though, I can always do ice cream and peanut butter brownie, are you kidding.........yum

                    1. 5th Street Bakehouse has added dinners on Friday and Saturday night. It's mostly small plates, but they have a few dinner plates too.
                      I tried the crab cakes and the lamb meatballs and both were quite nice. The meatballs were in a Bordelaise sauce with a fig compote
                      They also gave me a complimentary spicy tomato bisque. It wasn't that spicy but it had a nice tomato flavor.
                      This is a definite plus on the dining scene.

                      1. The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group held a Chowdown Saturday at 5th Street Bakehouse to try their new Late Bakes, a small plates offering of dinner on Friday and Saturday night. It seem Bakehouse owner Dan Carter pretty much hit a home run for the group as most of the small plates were quite good and everyone seemed happy.
                        It opened a year ago as a breakfast and lunch place and they’ve started offering dinner within the last month. The idea is that it’s mostly tapas-style with small plates. They also offer a couple of larger dishes for people who want a more traditional dinner.
                        So a group of six of us, Chowhounds Bill and Linda and Yelpers Dale and Erica and Tahoe Bill, tried it for dinner, ordering several small plates and nibbling off each one. The consensus seemed to be the best dish was the sautéed shrimp in the Thai red curry broth. We liked it enough we ordered seconds. We liked it enough we used bread to soak up the broth to eat. Fresh, tender shrimp Just killer broth. It was mild. I didn’t taste much of a curry flavor to it. I’m guessing the main ingredient was coriander with just the slightest kiss of garlic. But I’m using wrong in this stuff. It was delicious.
                        For me, the second best thing was the braised short ribs with cheese polenta in a cabernet chocolate sauce. This is a full-size plate rather than a small plate. Super tender short ribs. Probably the best polenta I’ve ever had. The cheese added a nice flavor and texture to the cornmeal. And the chocolate sauce had a nice kick.
                        Several people also liked the chicken tamales with habanero red salsa. The cornmeal wrapping for the tamale was perfect. But what really made this dish for me was the salsa. You see habanero and you think hot, but it was at the sissy heat level. The flavor was excellent, though.
                        I passed on the salmon cakes since I’m not much of a salmon fan, but many liked it too. We got crab cakes which I liked but others did not. They didn’t think it was fresh enough but it tasted fine to me.
                        The fried Greek olives turned out to be a surprise. We were expecting a tapenade (in fact the waitress said they were a tapenade) but they were whole olives. Unpitted, by the way, but I suspect they fry better that way. Nice olive flavor.
                        I don’t remember much about the clams and chorizo. I liked the clams.
                        There was some controversy about the chorizo skewers. Bill said it was the only dish he wouldn’t order again. In particular he didn’t like the toughness of the chorizo. Others agreed with him. While I agree the chorizo was tough, the flavor was tremendous. I liked the dish.
                        Bill had a cioppino soup. I think he liked it. We also shared a spinach salad with a warm cranberry vinaigrette that was nice.
                        We passed on dessert.
                        With the beer and wine it came to about $28 a person and I think it’s fair to say everyone felt that was a fair price.

                        5th St Bakehouse
                        Reno, Reno, NV 89503

                        1. The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group returned to 5th Street Bakehouse for another dinner when former Reno Chowhound JanetofReno returned for a visit. Overall the meal was good but it didn’t reach the level of our first dinner there.
                          The Bakehouse has started offering its Late Bake dinners on Friday and Saturday, featuring tapas-style small plates and some larger entrees. For the return engagement that included Janet, her husband, Jerry, and Nevada Jim, two dishes stood out: The clams in a white wine sauce and the chocolate, Bavarian cream, strawberries and almond cake.
                          The clams had lots of flavor. Janet noted it had a lot of butter. I was getting something else, too, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. We wanted to order seconds, but they were out. We got the last order.
                          The cake was delicious with nice chocolate flavors set off by the strawberries and almond. We also got a Bakehouse-made rum raisin ice cream to go with it.
                          The other dishes were good. Nothing we didn’t like. But nothing really jumped out.
                          We split one large plate of shrimp scampi with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The shrimp was tasty and the sides were well done.
                          I don’t like fish tacos so I didn’t try them, but the fish tacos seemed well received:
                          The coconut prawns with orange marmalade and roasted jalapenos had some nice zing:
                          The bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, prosuciutto and garlic oil was pleasant:
                          The spring mix salad with avocado and melon and citrus mango dressing was nicely prepared. All fresh ingredients:
                          The chicken wings with barbecue orange and roasted red peppers were probably my third favorite dish of the night:
                          Before the tip the bill came to something like $17 each. Quite reasonable.
                          We had asked about getting the Thai shrimp that went over so well at the first GRGAGG gathering but I guess they weren’t able to do that for us.