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May 5, 2010 08:39 PM

New Chowhound destination in Reno: 5th St. Bakehouse

I have limited experience there but this looks like one of the coolest new places in Reno.
I stopped by today and got an ice cream and a peanut butter brownie. They make their own ice cream and I tried two. One is made with jalapeno in part of the process. Instead of a sweet finish (aftertaste) there's a spicy finish. I'm not sure I like it. The jury's still out. But it shows this is no ordinary place.
I did like the ice cream made with some sort of cookie. I couldn't understand the name but it's tasty. I got a cup. The peanut butter brownie was excellent, too. All first rate ingredients.'
I didn't see any bread I wanted to try but it looks like it might be pretty good. They also often sandwiches with fresh-made bread. That's what makes the tortas at Los Palomas on Wells Avenue so good. This definitely looks like a place to explore. Other restaurants in town seem to have culinary pretensions but the it looks like 5th St. Bakehouse delivers.

The owner lived in Reno before and returned after spending five years as a pastry chef in Napa.
It was hard to find. It's next to Keystone Cue and Cushion in the same strip mall that has Fresh Mex.

Pictured below are the building exterior, ice cream and the peanut butter brownie.

5th St. Bakehouse
953 W. 5th St.
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 323-1885

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  1. Geez, I used to live right up the hill on Severn Dr when I was @ UNR. Thanks for the post - do you remember what you paid?

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    1. re: enbell

      The brownie was small and about $2, but tasty. First rate stuff. The ice cream was about $3. Together they came to just under $5.

    2. I stopped by for lunch and tried the Reno cheesesteak sandwich and the lemon meringue pie. Both were good. The sandwich was on cibatta bread and I still liked it, which is unusual because for some reason I hate Italian breads usually. The salad with it had nice fresh black olives. It was nice they weren't canned. The lemon meringue was nice and had a good crust.

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      1. re: SteveTimko

        Steve, your pics look mighty tasty as usual! The breakfast sandwiches sound kind of interesting. I've just discovered restaurants making sandwiches and burgers with potato bread and rolls. The new 775 Gastro Pub at the mall, uses potato rolls for the burgers. Very nice!, really makes the sandwich.

        1. re: karaofreno

          Thanks, Kara. I have more pictures to upload but can't find the time to get around to it.
          I wonder who makes the potato bun for the 775 Gastropub? I agree it is tasty.

        2. re: SteveTimko

          shut the front door.
          I"m salivating here.
          looks wonderful, that's it! we're going back.
          I'll have to GPS the address next time we're in Tahoe.
          which will be soon since we gotta check on the baby caboose, she's in that direction

        3. Photos of the cowboy breakfast sandwich and the banana nut bread. Loved the breakfast sandwich. The banana nut bread was pretty routine.

          1. Hurray! Finally made it to this spot for lunch today - outstanding. My daughter and I shared the brisket sandwich with carmelized onions and the chicken sandwich with jalapeno jam. Both were tasty. I hear the Cuban sandwich is pretty darn good, too. I'll be back.

            1. They started offering on weekends biscuits and gravy with homemade chorizo in place of the sausage in the gravy and this is the best biscuits and gravy in Reno.
              Pictured are the biscuits and gravy with eggs and French toast.