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May 5, 2010 07:48 PM

secret ingredient

Last year my kids (in their 20s) started a great Mothers Day tradition...they cook me dinner, making it a competition loosely based on Iron around 2PM I text them a "secret ingredient", and they each have to plan a meal based on that ingredient. Dinner on the table around least 3 courses for each kid, can include cocktails, app, main, dessert, etc.
Last year my secret ingredient was coconut milk, and we had some great dishes....I'm trying to think of this year's ingredient...maybe lemon...bacon....any suggestions?

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  1. why not go with something seasonal? off the top of my head:
    fava beans
    sockeye salmon

    1. Pistachios ...
      Kale ...
      Mizithra Cheese ...
      Abalone ...

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        Abolone? $100 per pound abolone?

      2. This sounds like so much fun! What about something like ricotta, that could be used in savory and sweet dishes?

        1. try some thing fresh like seafood shrimp,crawfish of some kind, or clams

          1. What a neat idea! Your kids sound like winners to me. If it were me, I'd select the ingredient by what I thought I would like to eat, then again, being surprised is fun too. An ingredient that can be used in both savory and sweet dishes would seem to work best. How about saying citrus instead of just lemons, that way you could get a wider variety of dishes?