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May 5, 2010 06:55 PM

Food gift ideas

I would like to hand each Mothers' Day celebrant a food gift this Sunday. It can be sweet/savory either or both. I don't want to make a truffle in case the weather is very warm. What do you think?...cheese straws, cookies, mini bundt cakes, scones?

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  1. 2-bite mini scones? orange cranberry? pack with a couple of nice teabags?

    1. Tassies, which are fun because you can put different additions in the cups, so you have an assortment in a single batch.

      1. i like to do granola in cellophane bags or jars. it holds up well in any climate, and you can make nice, personalized labels for the jars, or tags to thread onto the ties for the bags.

        1. An assortment of Madeleines (orange, lemon, chocolate, etc) and some tea.

          1. how much trouble do you want to engage in, and do you want to simply give edible treats (edible as in not incorporated into something else or used in something else - if so disregard my first few suggestions)?

            individual mini jars of jam or apple butter or fruit butters and nut butters

            herb plants in pots

            cruets of flavored vinegars or little pots of flavored sugars

            homemade muesli or granola

            mini boston creme pies made in jumbo muffin tins

            lemon pistachio biscotti with a white chocolate drizzle?

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              Thanks guys. I have so much (dare I say?) food for thought. I am leaning towards granola right now but keep the ideas coming. There is always room for more.