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All I want is a pint of beer and some really good chicken wings in South Scarborough....

I like a deep fried chicken wing, tossed into a bowl with sauce, then placed in a basket. That's not what I am getting these days. Breaded chicken wings with sauce poured over in the basket that ends up covering the fries or veggies. Too wet. Yuck. Any suggestions in the Scarboro or a bit further for some classic wings.

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  1. Fossil and Haggis on Military Trail great wings and have Sunday/Monday special

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      Just got back from Fossil and Haggis. 6 wings and 2 soggy soft carrot sticks with bottle blue chees dressing. The plate had a sprinkling of dried parsley around the edge. It gave a bad smell to the plate of wings. The wings had a bad after taste. Service was bad

      on with my quest for wings.......someday, somewhere!!

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        Or Tara Inn on Eglinton Ave.

        1. re: Googs

          There are two locations for Tara Inn? Same quality food?

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          My vote for Tara. Decent beer, excellent wings.

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            I have been to the Tara on Kingston Road a few times for wings over the years.
            Each time it got a little worse until I finally I stopped going. I was hoping to find a new place. It has been a long time since I have had a decent wing. :(

        3. I recently heard of a place, havent been so I cant personally reccomend, but I believe I heard they have good chicken wings. I believe it was called the Working Dog Pub, at St Clair and Midland. Let me know if you check it out and if its any good!

          St Clair Restaurant
          69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

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              Yay, they have 1/2 price wings too. I will check it out soon. http://www.workingdogsaloon.com

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                and a patio! I'd be interested in hearing if the nachos are any good.

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                  My receptionist works there on the weekends. I will ask her about the wings. I did go there when it was the bearded chip, ok wings.

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                      I went to Shagwells in Pickering and I have to say I had some really good wings. I will go there again although too bad it is not is Scarboro.

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                        So I checked out the Working Dog tonight. The patio is actually quite nice, its in the back and well shaded (and has a large flat screen tv outside if you're into the game etc).
                        We had...
                        The Nachos- pretty good. Not great but they had some redeeming qualities. The chips were REALLY nice and crispy, baked well with a tonne of cheese, much more than usual. The toppings were unusual, but nice... Minced olives instead of sliced, and roasted red pepper julienne with some lettuce on top. I would have liked more toppings though because a lot of the chips had nothing on them. We had the chili on the side, which helped to add some moisture to them.. but the chili was really underseasoned and needed SOME flavour. We got sour cream and salsa on the side, about 2 tbsp of each. I dont do sour cream, but there was honestly only enough salsa for 2 chips (great housemade salsa too, with lots of char on the tomatoes). And it was a very large serving of nachos.
                        Medium wings (1/2 price tonight)- which were pretty good, pretty large, with good coverage with the sauce. Pretty spicy for medium though so just be aware.
                        Garden salads- very fresh, nice red pepper dressing and a nice little piece of garlic flat bread.
                        Poutine- meh. Great fries, but the gravy really needed seasoning.
                        Fish and chips- Really quite good. I will come back just for the fish. It was some of the crispiest I have ever had in a pub and came with 3 good sized pieces.
                        Cherry pie- I never order desserts in a pub but the server talked us into it because it was house made. While it was lacking a bit on filling, the pastry was very good. And I actually usually hate pie pastry.
                        Service was incredibly friendly. My only complaint was the timing. Salads came within moments of ordering. then 20 minutes later the nachos.. then 5 minutes later the rest of it so we were obviously not done with the chips.
                        I will definitely return as they have a lot of good daily specials that I'd try. Its too bad there arent that many more patio days, but the inside is quite clean and nice too.
                        Heres the website

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                          Just for the benefit of the archive, tried Working Dog on the basis of what I read here and was very disappointed.
                          Wing night is Sunday only now, ignore what the website and others say, it's changed.
                          My $12 small order of medium wings yielded about 7 very large wings that were moist but not crispy or well-cooked on the outside at all, a bit chewy-undercooked to my taste-buds, and the sauce was not a buffalo-style sauce, but more of a savoury BBQ.
                          An order of fries is $6, and there's no smaller order, but when I moaned about the size/cost, after moaning about the wing-night surprise, the waitress did have the kitchen fry a small handful of fries for me for a buck add-n charge.
                          Fries were fresh cut, but fried just once, so they were nice on the outside, but still a little stiff with too much al-dente undercooked potato texture.
                          All-in-all, meh!
                          Boring, barely passable, not to my taste, and definitely not "wings" to this fussy Anchor-Bar fan.
                          I'll keep looking! :-)

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                            Eewwwwww The Working Dog is terrible LOL... for old school pub feel with good wings the only option IMO is The Tara Inn on Eglinton Ave. 1/2 price wings on Wednesday's

                2. The atmosphere isn't all that great but Hollywood on the Queensway serves up some good wings.

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                    although kinda out of range of the OP's south Scarborough request....

                  2. Tara Inn's wings are nice, same with The Stone Cottage's wings (they're further east on Kingston Road, a few lights east of Markham). My favorite though have to be Route 66's wings (Pharmacy and Eglinton). I always have mild or medium wings, and these were amazing. Do avoid the super hot varieties there, through. My boyfriend at the time thought they were disgusting. Lion on the Beach (which technically isn't in Scarborough but close enough!) on Queen St. East also has amazing, amazing wings. Good prices, too. I'll order wings from Double-Double if I have the craving for wings at home, and they're decent for what you pay. Hope this helps!

                    Also, for those of you who are willing to travel or are in Niagara Falls, NY at all, Sammy's Wings has the best wings I've ever eaten. They're amazing cold as well if you take some home (which we always did growing up).

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                      Thanks for the suggestions. I did have the Stone Cottage wings recently and they were pretty good. My wife ordered the medium and the were too sweet tasting, basically it was a sugary bbq sauce.

                    2. Shagwells in Pickering is great for wings. They aren't breaded, not too saucy and have great flavours to choose from. Its off kindston road just east of Whites road

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                        Tried Winston Shagwell's last night. Most of the menu sucks (McSysco crap) but the wings were pretty good. Not breaded like you said (breading = automatic fail). Only negative is -- not nearly enough sauce, and their "basic hot" (which I ordered) would be "mild to medium" at the Anchor Bar or anywhere else. If you need some kick, order something much hotter than their "hot".

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                          I used to go to Shagwell's for AYCE wings after both Wing Shacks closed down and the Lion and Dragon stopped doing AYCE.

                          However, I heard that Shagwell's is now charging over $20 for AYCE wings. Is this true?!

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                            I think they got rid of the AYCE option (the menu mentioned AYCE on Sunday but it was crossed out...) I got the combo that had the ribs (not bad, not good either) and the wings.

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                              What's the best AYCE wing option in the Scarborough/Pickering/Ajax/Oshawa area now? Also, what's the non-AYCE best wing deal in those areas?

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                            TexSquared, did you actually see the Sysco truck this time or can you taste Sysco?

                        2. I was at the Grover Exchange last week (just east of Main on Kingston Road) and their wings were quite good! Service was a bit off, but tasty.

                          Jawney Bakers at St Clair / O'Connor has good wings to, and if you ask, they'll do up the food any way you want.

                          St Clair Restaurant
                          69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

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                          1. I will give you the best place to have those wings, but first you are gonna have to go the the beer store and get some beers, then go to wing machine on brimley and eglinton and get some of the best and juciest wings in toronto, take them home and enjoy everyone of them. Hope I helped