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May 5, 2010 05:38 PM

Restaurants in Helen, GA


I know Helen is a cheesy "alpine" village but we're going! Any recommendations on restaurants there? We are interested in fine dining, German and other interesting spots. Thanks for the input.

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  1. I love this question, and consider it somewhat funny...IS there any fine dining in Helen? I would not know b/c I don't think of Helen as a fine dining destination so much as a loopy, fun, casual destination. We go there annually during Oktoberfest. IMHO, the only way to dine in Helen is on the river, particularly if you're going when it's warm and pretty. We ususally eat at the International Cafe, mostly b/c of its location. We also eat at the place across the street (can't remember the name) that's basically an outdoor pavilon. You have to walk past a nicer looking place to get there; I think it may be Paul's. Maybe somebody will post a review of that. We've also eaten at the Festhalle...not sure when that's open when it's not O-fest. All the little places we've tried have no-frills brats, kraut, and german potato salad type entrees, which to me is the point of going to Helen. In general, it's very much like the food I had when traveling to Germany. I'm pretty sure ALT Heidelburg (not on the river, but on main st) has very authentic German food and more substantial entrees such as schnitzels. I understand their new chef is fresh from Germany. The only place I don't recommend is the Toad (???) which sits almost below the bridge, right smack on the river. Location was great, beverages, great, nachos, terrible. Maybe we should not have gotten nachos, but there are only so many times you can eat brats in a single day :) PS: I hope you like beer.

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      if your just looking for Brats et al, the place on the river thats all outdoor dining is a nice spot--overlooks the river,beer is German,and service is good--they have good red cabbage, but sauerbrtaen is just OK

    2. If nobody replies w/info about finer dining, you might try searching for info on the restaurants at the wineries associated with GA's "wine trail". I think some of them are pretty nice.

      1. Hofer's Bakery and Cafe on Main Street is very good and authentically German.