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May 5, 2010 05:27 PM

Best Chinese food in Monterey Park (for a Friday lunch)

We are planning to have the best Chinese food we can find this Friday, when we have the day off. We were thinking of going somewhere in Monterey Park perhaps. Can fellow hounds chip in with recommendations? Any type of food will do (dim sum, szechuan, taiwanese), as long as its very tasty. No dietary restrictions (and we have adventurous palattes). We must go there at lunch time, and on Friday, though.

PS: Some initial research suggested perhaps places such as Triumphal Palace, Mission 261, Chang's Garden, or Chung King. Any thoughts on these, or other options, would be greatly appreciated.

PSS: We will be driving from WLA.

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  1. king hua is great, so is elite seafood

    1. Second Elite if you're looking for cantonee seafood.

      Close by is Duck House. You can pre order Peking Duck which they will prepare 3 ways. You can also order fried duck tongues with the lower beak attached and have duck 4 ways if you're feeling adventurous. The buddha boneless chicken is excellent. So is the stir fried jelly fish heads with xo sauce. Not just adventurous but damn tasty.

      1. 888 Seafood for dim sum is good, though technically in Rosemead. And of course Ding Tai Fung is great as well, but expect a long wait to get in.