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Identify this fruit

can someone help me identify this fruit?
i got it at chinatown, philadelphia.
fairly expensive. 6 bucks/pound

The seeds are very hard. Usually I'd eat the seeds if they're small and crackable with my teeth, but these were too hard.

They taste sort of like a mushy, uncrisp pear .. if that makes sense.


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  1. Looks like an unripe guava to me.

    1. I agree with boogiebaby: unripe guava.

      1. yes. You can usually tell a guava by the aroma.

          1. It's a guava. You got snookered on the price.

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            1. Absolutely a guava. And some of the others were right: charging that price for guavas is criminal, especially underripe and not very flavourful ones (based on your description).

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                Question for you vorpal -- how can you tell when a guava is ripe? And do they ripen after picking?

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                  i cant tell you how to know when a guava is ripe. but from what my mom use to tell me that once you pick a guava off the tree it doesnt ripen anymore. we use to have tons of guava trees in our backyard and i wasnt a fan of them so i never learned how to tell if they were ripe. but supposedly you are able to figure it out by aroma.

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                    Ripe guavas are just a little softer, the skin has turned yellowish and there is an aroma. Unripe guavas are greener, hard, and no aroma. Depending on how unripe they may taste puckery.

                    But ripe or unripe, they are great the Indian way with (what else?) black salt and red chilli powder sprinkled on slices. Common street snack.

                2. Definitely Guava.

                  As an aside, in Taiwan guavas are always eaten when crunchy - the texture is more like an apple at that point, and no juice drips when you bit them. The seeds are usually cut out, but you eat the skin (the taste reminds me a bit of cinnamon).

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                      And in this corner, Veggo, hitting the nail on the head as always.

                  1. Around here on the opposite coast, guavas are really cheap at Mexican markets.