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May 5, 2010 03:25 PM

Steak and Tomato Beer in the Sioux Falls SD area

I will be passing through Sioux Falls next month

The last time went though a little over a decade ago I had a fine T Bone at the Tea Steak House. I'm pondering a return but have also heard good things about the Brandon Steak House in Brandon SD. I'm only considering one or the other so which would you good folks recommend.

Also, any bar where I can find a good "tomato beer" in Sioux Falls?

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    1. re: ohso

      Despite having eating many meals in Sioux Falls, I don't believe I've ever eaten a steak there. That being said, if you chose any surrounding small town steakhouse, I'm sure you will be pleased.

      As for the tomato beer, honestly, any bar in town will be able to make you one. Add olives for a salty bonus.