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May 5, 2010 03:15 PM

Help me do something interesting with my CSA Box

Just got my CSA box w/ lots of greens: lettuce mix, spinach, fennel, boy choi, & a new one for me - tatsoi. Also got some fresh eggs. Already on hand and want to use: artichokes and sugar snap peas from Costco.

We can handle the lettuce mix-- no problem. But would appreciate some ideas for the rest -- alone or in combo for one or more meals. Any experience with Tatsoi?

btw. we do eat meat (have some boneless chicken breasts) so that can be in the mix

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  1. Tatsoi is yummy, like a mustard leaf. Can be used in salads or stir frys - read that stalks can be used like celery.

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      mmmm....raw mustard greens are like eating wasabi for me!!! Get such a jolting nose burn from it...will be interesting to see the results here...I have not tried the tatsoi yet but might delve into it soon...

    2. Bok choi & sugar snaps can be used in stir fries...there are plenty of recipes on the net for both.

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          It stands for Consumer Sponsored Agriculture. Basically, a farmer sells shares of his crops before planting season for that produce throughout that growing season. As different things ripen, the farmer harvests those crops and distributes them to the share-holders based on their percentage of ownership. In the height of the season, if the farmer has sold 100 shares, a full share each week may consist of say a bushel of different veggies, a half share would be a half bushel, etc.

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            Thanks. Sounds great! I've heard of things like this but did not know the acronym.

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              Does it? I thought it was Community Share Agriculture, although Google turned up community supported agriculture. I guess either way, you pay a farm some money and get a box of vegetables each week :-P

              I had these amazing sauteed greens at Roy's that I've been meaning to try to reproduce, which the chef said contained sauteed garlic, toasted macadamia nuts, and citrus zest. There was some sweetness that I couldn't identify and nothing noticeably sweet on his list of ingredients, but I think I'm going to start with orange juice.

          2. Fennel, bok choi and eggs are among my favorites.

            If I had that box, I'd braise the fennel and serve it under a couple of over-medium eggs. The bok choi would get stir-fried with lots of ginger and garlic, finished with soy sauce and served simply over rice.

            Good artichokes get steamed in the microwave and served with butter -- no adornment needed. The sugar snaps almost always end up getting devoured raw right after being rinsed. But if you really want to do something extra with them, they're delightful sliced as finely as you can and tossed with a chili-inflected vinaigrette.

            Dangit, I didn't sign up for a CSA this year. Curses.

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              bok choy this way is also good with a little rice vinegar (or better yet, rice cooking wine.) Helps to twinge the sauce so that the salty soy doesn't dominate. Cut up a bell pepper and cook it with the bok to add some color.

              Use that spinach as the weakest excuse to buy a lobster and make Spinach & Lobster Eggs Benedict. The power of Christ compels you!

              If you've got a ton of spinach, and like it, try an Indian vegetarian dish. You can put the breasts in a masala sauce and have a nice little two dish Indian dinner (bottled sauce if you're feeling lazy.)

              Wikipedia says Fennel is a key ingredient in Absinthe... so, get to work on that, I guess.

            2. Huge CSA fan here. I hate having to choose my own veggies in the winter! I love stir fries, but if you want some different ideas:

              I would sautee some fennel with onion garlic, and some spinach for an enchilada filling. You can add beans too if you want. Great with all sorts of sauces - red, green, pipian, mole. When you assemble broil with an egg on top.

              I would sautee the tatsoi with orange vinegar, raisins and nuts for a side dish.

              Bok choi would be grilled if it is baby, and served with romesco from the freezer, or dipped in black bean dip or hummus. If mature stir fry is obvious, but you can also thinly slice and do a quick pickle or bake with a thick bechemel and cheese. Think mac and cheese without the mac.

              Snap peas can be used in risotto or soups, beyond stir fry. Here is a recent soup I invented with snap peas that was well received. http://breakingbreadwithdavies.blogsp...