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May 5, 2010 02:29 PM

Most fantastic atmosphere in Vegas?

By fantastic, I mean exactly that. A fantasyland. Something out of this world.

If there were a restaurant where every booth were surrounded by a tank of mermaids, that's where we'd go. Or a restaurant that were set in a subterranean world of ninjas (there was a place like that in NYC, actually -- it sucked).

In other words, my husband and I are looking for somewhere entirely unique. We should be able to find that in Vegas, right?

The food has to be great too, maybe not perfect, but great. We are foodies, but are willing to compromise a bit for a restaurant that is also an experience.



p.s. We're also going to hit Roku one night, Buchon for breakfast, and maybe the champagne breakfast buffet at the Bellagio (or equivalent).

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  1. Your inquiry is a bit taller of an order than you may first expect. Over the last five years or so, Vegas destinations practically scream from the rooftops how understated they can be. That said, there are a couple of places I can think of that would fit the bill. First up is Aureole, where the wine cellar is four stories tall, and ladies on wires access the various offerings à la Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. The other one that pops to mind is Switch at Encore, a steakhouse where the room changes itself around every once in a while. Beyond that, I'm stumped for restaurants with especially unique surroundings. There are several bars that I can think of. Foremost is Minus 5° Ice Lounge at Mandalay Bay, where you don parkas and enjoy overpriced cocktails in surroundings made entirely of ice... the sculptures, the glasses, the bar itself, you name it. Also worth checking out is Parasol Down or either of the two small satellite bars overlooking the Lake of Dreams at Wynn. This isn't so much about the drinks as it is about the trippy shows that happen nightly (I believe) every half hour on the lake. I don't know that I would make a special occasion out of the Lake of Dreams shows, but if you're already in the WynnCore area, it's worth at least pausing for a cocktail or two.

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      I agree with Parasol Down - I didn't even see the show when I was there (we stopped in mid-afternoon for a drink) but the Lake of Dreams is pretty amazing. You could also try the bar at Mix - the view of Vegas from the 64th floor is pretty incredible.

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        Ooh yes, the Mix bar is quite the view. And the restrooms there are some of the most dazzling you'll ever see. I've been hearing another incredible view is that from the bar at Mandarin Oriental. Apparently they got the sight lines out the windows JUST right and their 23rd floor view is one you won't soon forget.

    2. How about Red Square? My wife and I thought it was fun and that the food was very good. They also have a Vodka vault. There is a video tour on their website so you can get a pretty good sense of the place.

      Red Square
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