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May 5, 2010 02:13 PM

Breakfast in Hamden CT

I need to find a place for my boss and two board members to have breakfast in Hamden.

They have been to the Brown Stone House which is okay but they don't take credit cards. Only requirement is that it's not a dive, courteous waitstaff and they accept credit cards. It would be a plus if the food was decent.


Brown Stone House Restaurant
2365 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06518

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  1. I don't know your definition of a "dive," but I can give a few local suggestions. My first choice would be The Breakfast Nook on Washington Ave. in No. Haven. (They have a website)). The Sandwich Board & Maple Leaf Cafe are on Whitney. Scotty's Breakfast Connection on Broadway in No. Haven is nothing fancy, but has been a local hangout forever; good food, friendly, competent waitresses. There are also a few diners in the area, The Acropolis, Town House, etc. (No personal experience with these.) Not sure which of them take credit cards.

    Sandwich Board
    2005 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

    Scotty's Breakfast Connection
    32 Broadway, North Haven, CT 06473

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      LOVE Scotty's and Sandwich Board but both these places, I think, qualify as "dives." There is also Cranberries in Branford. Whitney Donut Shop posted by WhiskeyHead below also qualifies as a "dive."

      Sandwich Board
      2005 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

    2. Acropolis Diner is really good for breakfast & any other meal.

      Acropolis Diner
      1864 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06514

      1. Brownstone House IS a dive!
        Try The Holiday Inn in North Haven.

        1. OK Neither of these is in Hamden, but they are close,(about 10 minutes) I would suggest Bela's on Whalley Ave New Haven, or the Pantry on State St in New Haven (not sure if they accept credit cards though)

          1. Whitney Donut and Sandwich Shop on Whitney Ave. They have great breakfast and lunch specials and you can order to go, sit at a table, or be served at the counter. It's not a dive, but it's not the Ritz, either.