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May 5, 2010 01:21 PM

Live shrimp in Montreal?

I'm reading a "Best shrimp recipes" book and although it states the obvious (that unless you live 15 minutes from the sea, no thawed shrimp you get will ever be as fresh as those that have never been thawed, since they're flash frozen right on the boat) it does say that "the freshest alternative you will find is live shrimp kept in salt water at Chinese markets."

Not that I'd know what the heck to do with a live anything, but that sure sounds tasty. Anyone ever seen a live shrimp in Montreal?

And just for curiosity's sake, how would you dispatch the poor critter? Could you ask the fish guy to do it for you? I wouldn't want a bunch of live shrimp crawling around in a plastic bag in the car on the way home. I'd probably name them, put some salt in some cold water and go look for some krill to feed them.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi there, if you'd like to discuss how to dispatch live shrimp, please start another thread in Home Cooking. Advice on where to find live shrimp in Montreal are welcome to stay here on the Quebec board. Thanks!

    1. I've seen live shrimps available in-season at Au Pied de Cochon restaurant. Don't know if they sell it to take home.

      1. The defunct-for-several-years-now Crab au Folie on Parc used to offer live shrimp flown in special. Was very expensive...can't quite recall (its a mix of time and enjoying beverages at the resto...) but it was either $9 or $19 apiece.
        Ocassionally I see them for sale at Kim Phat in Brossard or the downstairs seafood market in Chinatown.
        I WOULD suggest dispatching them yourself rather than the fish guy. Thats why you're paying a premium, living to your mouth in the shortest time possible... but I've been warned not to discuss this subject...

        1. I wonder if any of the better Montreal fish mongers and/or restaurants are bringing in live spot prawns from BC right now(it's their season right now)?

          1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but considering the premium you'd be paying for fresh if and when you do find them, you'd probably want to dispatch them yourself than transport freshly dead ones home, otherwise you're just as well buying fresh frozen?

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