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May 5, 2010 01:03 PM

Any La Posada experiences (Arlington Heights)?

Has anyone tried out La Posada in Arlington Heights? It just opened about a week ago. We stuck our heads in there last night and it was packed. I need food for an impromptu Cinco de Mayo get-together and I was thinking about getting some take-out from there to supplement my own dishes.

La Posada Restaurante
1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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  1. We went Saturday night and almost immediately regretted it. Seems to be a family business and although the mom and 2 daughters did their best to take care of a very full house as well as many takeout orders, the food is simply not good. Complimentary chips were strangely sprinkled with taco seasoning as was almost everything else we ate. I guess that was supposed to make the food more Mexican? The salsa was the strangest concoction of really indiscernible ingredients and flavors and unappetizing as a result. Husband had a pork dish which he gave his worst Irish insult...."a dog's dinner". Chunks (4 at most) of pork and pineapple in a sauce of ambiguous flavor and ingredients. I had veggie fajitas which again were doused wtih the ubiquitous taco seasoning. The accompanying plate of rice came with maybe a tablespoon of guacamole and chopped tomatoes. Really lame.
    We so wanted to like this place and to support an independent family restaurant but it is very unlikely that we will return unless major changes occur. Our bet is that it will not last a year in that location.

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      How would you say the food compares to Zocalo? I avoided Zocalo for a long time after a bad experience before it changed from Ole, but have been pleasantly surprised overall since trying it again a few months ago.

      Their burritos are our favorites (braised pork with guac, sour cream and cheese for my husband and me, veggie mole for my son). The mole and salsa verde on the enchiladas are pretty decent but not especially complex, but the beans are well-cooked and overall the general value is pretty good in my book.

      203 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474

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        th you for taking the time to warn us; appreciated! is this the same spot that used to be heights cuisine and then the shop of the Green St Grill guy?

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          Yes, where Something Savory was, kitty corner from Penzey's. Some lovely neighbors of mine went and really liked it but they are as uncritical as they are delightful, so I don't put a ton of stock in their report.

      2. I tried the chicken chimichanga. Outstanding--they use dark meat rather than white meat, giving it extra flavor, and the ingredients are very fresh.

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          Hidden, are you talking about Zocalo or Posada? The mention of beans brought a surpressed memory to consciousness. Those we had were pinto beans sitting in a pool of what seemed to be the canning fluid. Ewwwww.

        2. Went tonight. We found the salsa a bit lacking but definitely homemade and I liked the hair of a kick it had. We got the "Choriqueso", which was Chihuahua and cheddar cheeses with some chopped up chorizo, served with (supposed to be, but not) warmed chips. It was good, but a LOT of cheese and it got a little stiff as it cooled.

          For mains my DC had the Enchiladas Mole Poblano, which, while decent, had a mole that just seemed like it wasn't quite cooked long enough or with enough ingredients. It wasn't bad, it was just basic. I had the carnitas, which were quite fatty (in a good way) in a very nice sweet/sour sauce with some chiles and onions. It came with some guac (ok but fresh), rice (ok), beans (decent but clearly canned) with some Cotija sprinkled, and warmed tortillas. My dish was definitely the best thing either of us ate tonight, but nothing was terrible.

          One annoyance (to me) was that I asked our waiter what was the house specialty or what he would order and he kept telling me what was popular. I dont know if it was just because I was mis-gauged but I would have really liked to just walk into the kitchen and ask the chef "what's the best thing you make"? I was trying to get that information but failed sadly. He did recommend the carnitas which I was grateful for but I was looking for a little more of a response. Otherwise the service was competent and friendly.

          Our experience is mostly summed up as "meh" and we feel that we can do better in the area, especially since we live a 5 minute walk from Zocalo.

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            How is Zocalo?

            203 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474

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              I'm sure it's been covered a bajillion times on here, but we both like it a lot. Their guac, made to order, has a great fresh lime flavor. The salsa is smoky and complex, the mole is rich, the fish tacos are tasty with radish, the carnitas is sweet and rich (though that may be the one place I put La Posada ahead) and the sangria selection is great. Definitely like it more.

          2. I walked by there last night around 7:00 and the place was packed, so it must not be sucking all the time. Only one or two (small) open tables. Must have good word-of mouth (the earlier post notwithstanding) to be that full.

            Picked up a menu and it was a lot more conventional than I was expecting for "homemade Mexican food". (Burritos, Enchiladas, Carne Asada, etc.). It was very similar to the much-larger Ixtapa's up the road.

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              My theory is that it's packed because it's small and new without much competition at all - I am waiting to try it until there's more positive agreement about it after it settles in - what Arlington Heights really needed was a burrito /tacqueria joint - and that space would be just about right for it - too bad.

            2. I'm hesitant to review yet since we've only had one experience. I got the aforementioned take-out, which is a horrible measure of a restaurant, for a small dinner party. We got the carne asada, whole fish with tomato-y sauce, shrimp in a similar tomato-y sauce. The food sat around for at least an hour, but the fish seemed to be the winner of the three entrees. Cactus salad was fine. Guacamole on the side was in a small quantity so tough to make any assessments. No mention from anyone about the cheese enchilada that came with the carne. Nice folks running the joint and it's within walking distance. Fer sure, we'll give it another try.