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May 5, 2010 12:53 PM

Sonoma: Fremont Diner - Braeburn Apple Donuts?

I was reading through a Bite Club review and see Fremont dinner is serving Braeburn Apple Donuts for breakfast. Anyone tried them?

These people know how to fry, so I am guessing they are good ... at $5 they should be.

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  1. Ooooohhh.... Thank you, RW!

    I had Braeburn Apple Doughnuts in England (wrote about them here:

    I am so going to try and get up there for this!

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      That link didn't work. Maybe this one will

      Thanks for the info. I was thinking they would be like Apple Hill donuts. Hope you get up ther to check them out.

      Interesting fried dough site, btw.

      1. re: rworange

        Thank you; I am completely obsessed and looking for any any worthy fried dough offerings in the Bay Area (and everywhere I travel!). I know I need to get to Frances for the Bacon Beignets and would appreciate any suggestions!

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          You might start a topic on the subject. Maybe you did, but I just don't follow the board that much these days. My clicking on topics is sort of eclectic.

          I didn't see anything about Portuguese malasadas. They are maily Fat Tuesday things, but the Portuguese festas are coming up (about 40 days after Easter) and some places have them. If you want ethnic festival color, you should attend one of the festas. St. John the Baptist in El Cerrito has one killer festival.

          Anyway, I noticed your paczki post. Yes, most suck in the Bay Area. HOWEVER, if you can get there when they come hot from the fryer, the donuts at Royal Market on Geary are the best I've had in a long time.

          SF: Miracle on Geary Blvd - sufganiyot and ... and ... WARM paczki

          Speaking of sufganiyot, a few days before Hanukkah, Saul's in Berkeley sets up a tent outside where they fry up potato pancakes and have the Jewish donuts. They are great.

          Back to things Polish. The round disks of fried dough you saw at the Polish festival were probably chrusciki. Good luck getting these ... and even so ... even in Chicago or as a kid growing up with two excellent Polish bakeries nearby ... I've never had a really good bakery version

          Here's my mother's ... and grandmother's ... etc ... labor-intensive version.

          Rose Chrusciki made by Felecia Recipe

          When I first put that on Chowhound, maybe five or six years ago, I know for a fact it was the only one on the web.One of the unique things about these is the rose shape. They are usually bowtie twists.

          I asked people if they used the recipe to credit my mom by mentioning her name.

          Now if you look on the web, this recipe is all over. No credit. One woman was so blatant that she even lifted the story of my mom from my original post.

          I don't really care, but I think it is petty. This was a closely guared family secret that other relatives would have killed to get. That being said, I won't be passing it down to anyone so I'm glad it lives on the web and others will enjoy it ... they just could have done so honorably.

          If I am back in the EU for christmas, I might make some for the family for Christmas as I am planning a blowout first American Christmas. If you think about it around December, drop me an email and I'll give you a few.

    2. They are greasy and doughy, more like beignets than doughnuts. They had a good flavor, not enough apple for me. I would not order them again. The cookies were great.

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        Thanks for the info. Too bad. If only someone would make Applie Hill type of donuts locally.