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May 5, 2010 12:51 PM

Mothers Day meal/food to go

I am trying to figure out where to send someone to pick up a meal/ food for a Mothers Day late lunch/early supper.

I thought that there was a catering place in the Farmer's market, but I can't see it on the website, Is it gone? If it is still there, are there any recomendations?

I have found references to Red Tree, Main Dish and Forage? Are any better than the others?

The person who is picking up the food, on Saturday to bring on Sunday (we are not in Calgary, but in Crossfield) needs SPECIFICS, so if anyone has any suggestions of what is good from these places that would be great as well.

She didn't want to go to a restaraunt, so I am trying to make this work... I was hoping for a full meal, but I don't know if that would work for the time of day.

Thank you for your help. My brain is dealing with new baby stuff, rather than coordinating a meal (a restaraunt would have been so much easier....)

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  1. Congrats on the new baby...and totally understand your situation.
    I haven't tried Red Tree...but have heard very good about it. I have been to Forage and Main Dish lots of time. The selections are going to change a bit...but if you give them a call I'm sure they can tell you what will be available. Another option is Sunterra Market. I know they are promoting a Mothers Day package and it is available both Saturday and Sunday. The menu is online. Good luck.

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      1. Sunterra does a take-away meal for Mother's Day. Available Sat or Sun and can be picked up from any of their locations. It might not be as upscale as you're looking for. You can check it out on their website.