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May 5, 2010 12:09 PM

What to do with beef bones and short ribs

Hi all. I have been buying my kosher meat from a place that has local, grassfed beef. The quality is good, but you can't buy specific cuts, only various packages. Right now I have in my freezer several packages of bones with a little meat on them. (They've accumulated from several orders.) I also have 1 package of short ribs - around 2-3 lb.

Any ideas on what to do with either of both of these? I was thinking soup would be good. I usually only make beef on Shabbas or occasions, so any dish should serve at least 4-6 people. So far with the sifter, I found this Yemenite Bone Soup Figured I could use the short ribs instead of the chuck. Any other thoughts?


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  1. Check out the kosher blogs on the board -You need a recipe for CHULENT- traditional Shabbath stew
    The more bones the better & short ribs (FLANKEN) is the perfect meat

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      We do a Cuban black bean stew with smoked shortribs in the crock pot. Really excellent (better if you can smoke the ribs but also good if you can sear them on a grill before you add to the crock pot)..

      1. re: ferret

        can you post a more specific recipe of that, is it a chulent replacement (ie can it sit in the crock over night)

    2. costco is selling kosher short ribs - so I bought them with the same dilemna - here's how I solved it...

      1. For the short ribs:

        If the link doesn't work, it's basically salt and pepper, rub with generous amount of garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning (or oregano), hot pepper flakes. (All of the above on both sides.) Adjust the proportions to your tastes, but I've never thought I put too much, only too little, so be general with the spices. Cover the ribs with saran wrap and let them sit for a while, a few hours is best. Then bbq on the grill.

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          Smoked short ribs are excellent, if you have that capacity.

        2. Hi all,

          Thanks for the suggestions. The Yemenite soup recipe is from the recipezaar site here

          There seem to be lots of options for the short ribs, but what about the bones. I have several packages of those. There's not much meat on them, so I think it probably needs to be a soup recipe.

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            There are a zillion beef soup recipes out there, but I'm planning on making pho for Friday night dinner this week. It's a meal in a bowl - spiced beef broth with noodles, thinly sliced beef, vegetables, and herbs.

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              Pho sounds good, but the recipes I've seen usually call for brisket or chuck. Do you have one that uses beef bones? If so, please post.

              1. re: jerirl

                The recipes I've seen (and I haven't got one; I'm making it for the first time soon) tend to call for bones + some sort of meat, it's true, so if all you have is bones, it's not going to work.

                1. re: jerirl

                  jerirl, stop thinking about a recipe built around bones, and instead think of bones as an addition to recipes. In general any cooked soup will benefit from having some bones added. The bones will give the soup that added flavor punch and the gelatin in the bones will add to the texture(not the right word but I can't think of a better choice) of the liquid.

                  Stock is made with bones, so any recipe you see that calls for beef stock should be made with bones if you're only using water.

                  I add some marrow bones to my cholent and it really puts the cholent over the top.