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May 5, 2010 11:20 AM

opinion on caterers for wedding reception

Hello all!

We have found the venue for our wedding. They have certain caterers recommended but we don't know which one is good in terms of price vs quality, etc. I like to see if anyone has experience with them. Thanks in advance.

They are:

Agnus Dei
Dansereau Traiteur
Francis Beaulieu
Hotel Inter-Continental Montreal
Maitre et chef
Robert Alexis Traiteur

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  1. Agnus Dei has been recommended on this board before - do a search for the name.
    The only one on your list I've used is Dansereau - I've dealt with them many times, and find their food is good, but I don't know how they compare price-wise to the others. But they are reliable IME.

    1. I HIGHLY recommend Cinq a Chef Catering. I have recommended them before on this board. They have probably some of the most competitive prices you can find, with very high quality food and service. They are my go-to catering company since they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

      1. Agnus Dei catered my wedding 10 years ago, and it was a *great* meal. Sixty people were served 2 whole lambs that were roasted outside, méchoui style, and assorted salads, buffet style.

        Agnus Dei provided the cutlery, linen, servers and barman, and table decor. We bought our wine and beer, and got a license for liquor & music. Heck, it was the best wedding I ever attended! :)

        Obviously, I haven't tasted their food since, but even as a dizzy, happy bride, I recall the food fondly.

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          Hi Snowpea, where did you hold your wedding reception?

          I'm getting married too, and am watching this board with interest!

          1. re: Keramel

            I rented the upper floor of the old brewery in Lachine. Big room with pine plank flooring and pine furniture, and stone walls. The smaller Maison du Brasseur is also available for rental.

            Here's a link the a Ville de Montréal page

            The caterer set up the méchoui grill-in-a-truck outside in the parking lot, and I'm told cyclists on the cycle path were begging and offering money to buy some lamb off the cook LOL