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May 5, 2010 10:17 AM

Anyone know where I can buy green/ raw mangoes? Thanks.

I have a couple recipes that call for the sour taste of raw mangoes but have absolutely no idea where to buy them. Anyone have ideas? Thanks so much.

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  1. Do you want unripe mangoes or green mangoes? Green mangoes can be bought at most grocery stores in Chinatown, and provided they are firm, they should have the sour taste you're seeking.

    1. They have both unripe sweet mangoes (which aren't really that sweet) and sour mangoes (which are pretty sour) at K&K Specialty Tropical Fruits at 298 A Spadina Ave. Keep in mind that both types are very expensive at about $5 per pound. A couple of weeks ago, I bought one of each for a thai mango salad and the bill came to $13.50. Expensive but worth it. If that's what you're making, also grab some dried shrimp across the street and grind them up for the salad, along with shallot and cilantro. Make a dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar and the salad will taste like it came from a street stall in bangkok.

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        Loblaws. All their fruit is unripe and sour.

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          LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Vinnie :-).

      2. hi any indian store will have them

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          That is correct. I've also seem the small green ones at No Frills on Carlaw. They had them for the past few months.