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Popcorn Seasonings?

Whats your favorite thing to sprinkle on popcorn? Whether it be microwaveable or popped yourself from the kernels. Salt? BBQ Seasonins? Parm Cheese? etc....

Whats your favorite?

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    1. Butter, sriracha and garlic powder
      butter and teriyaki furikaki

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        hey jen...sriracha sounds good...do you thin it out somehow? Otherwise that's alot of heat!

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          No, I just mix it in with the butter and melt it all together.

      2. I buy powdered cheese off ebay. It is meant for restaurants to make a quick cheese sauce with. It is cheese by the way. I sprinkle that onto popcorn. i tried the powder from mac and cheese box but it was too salty.

        From another thread, someone suggested Sweetened condensed milk drizzled over popcorn. It is apparently very popular in South America.

        I wonder if cinnamon would work? or chili powder? I have heard of pepper.

        Then you go a combo like maybe chili powder and a little cayenne in my cheese powder. Wouldn't that sorta be like nachos or Doritos?

        Cinnamon or cocoa powder over that sweetened condensed milk.

        Well I guess goodhealthgourmet wants us to know this isn't an original thread but it is still fun to try to think up stuff that would work.

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          "Well I guess goodhealthgourmet wants us to know this isn't an original thread but it is still fun to try to think up stuff that would work."
          well you "guessed" wrong. i was trying to be helpful. if i didn't think the topic warranted further discussion, i wouldn't have replied at all.

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            GHG often does the dirty work for us and replies with a long list of previous visits to a topic. It's so thoughtful -- I have the worst time navigating the search function on this site and she's a wizard with it, it seems!

          2. my ex like hazelnut oil, dried bing cherries and some dark chocolate chips..

            apple pie spice

            basil, oregano, garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes (minimal), and grated parmesan

            chili powder, cumin and paprika

            1. Salt and plain M&Ms
              Parmesan Cheese
              Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning

              1. Bob's Big Boy seasoning salt when it used to be available...

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                  Try the Reddi Chik salt. It's not on the menu but they'll sell you some.

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                    Yep Lowrey's seasoning salt would work nicely

                  2. Extra virgin olive oil and salt -or- a few shakes of red robin seasoned salt

                    1. Some tempting ideas have come up on other topics lately: butter and soya sauce, or peanut butter and honey

                      1. smoked salt
                        roasted garlic mixed with butter
                        somebody already said truffle salt
                        banefee which is caramelized sweetened condensed milk Bake the cans in a 300 degree oven for 1.5 hrs

                        1. old bay and good ol' season all salt

                          I bet furikake or togarashi would be good

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                            Maybe sansho and a little bit of garlic salt?

                          2. garlic salt, old bay seasoning, or hot sauce