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May 5, 2010 09:27 AM

Need recs for a casual restaurant with a great beer list in PHX

Hi Chowhounds,
I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for suggestions on a casual restaurant with a great beer list that is not The Yard House or Rock Bottom Brewery. We'll be staying at the JW Desert Ridge and would like to go somewhere within 20 mins of there on a Weds night. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Local brewery Four Peaks has two locations, one in Tempe (the actual brewery) and one up by your resort, at the corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101.

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      Second on Four Peaks Brewery. We go to the one in Tempe but that's outside your geographic range. For a brewery, the food is quite good; several notches up from normal pub grub. A nice touch: there are beer recs on their menu.

    2. The Main Ingredient on 7th Street in the old Lisa Gs location. Great beer list both on tap and bottle. Short list of wines but carefully selected by experts. Lots of good apps and sandwiches under $10. Large outside patio and comfortable indoor seating with a small bar.

      Only problem is that it may be a bit more than 20 min away. Come down 51 and exit on Thomas. West to 7th St and go south (left) on 7th. In an old house on your left.

      1. I have read heard positive comments about Old World Brewery. But from what I understand, it's more of a brewery with an occassional band playing than a pub and grub spot. Still, it's on that side of town and is a local brewery spot. Check it out and report back!

        old world brewery
        201 W Lone Cactus Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

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          I work about half a block from Old World, and it is definitely not a restaurant. I've seen them fry up some chicken wings on hot plate a few times, but that's about it.
          That being said, the beer is decent, and apparently it gets quite the crowd on the weekends. A real hard rock/heavy metal bar.

        2. I'd suggest The Dubliner Irish Pub on 40th St & Thunderbird. There will probably be a band on Wednesday, the food is tasty, and there is a solid beer selection.

          Dubliner Irish Pub & Restaurant
          3841 E Thunderbird Rd Ste 109, Phoenix, AZ 85032

          1. Delux would be a good choice for you. They have a well-chosen beer list (20+ taps if memory serves), and some of the best burgers in town. If beer is important, you can't miss Papago Brewing, which is the premier beer bar in the Phoenix area. They have about 30 taps, and easily another 100+ selections in their cooler. The food menu is limited and nothing special, though the pizza isn't bad. And, as was mentioned, Four Peaks is always a good choice. They are the biggest brewery in the state (typically about 8 styles at any one time), and have excellent food.

            3146 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016