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May 5, 2010 08:50 AM

Need new ideas for chuck roast

Every time chuck roast goes on sale, I feel compelled to buy one. I always end up making the usuals - chili and pot roast. Sometimes I'll make shredded beef for tacos, but I'm really bored with it. Does anyone have any new ideas for a chuck roast?

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  1. When I buy 7-bone chuck, I grind it. Makes THE best burgers. We no longer order burgers in restaurants.

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    1. re: c oliver

      i usually avoid the 7 bone steak but someone gave me a high quality grass fed one and it was very good.

      chuck is fatty for jerky so best keep it frozen or in fridge as it doesn't keep that well..

    2. It makes really great Sloppy Joe's (instead of using hamburger). Or, if you have a smoker, make jerkey.

      1. i use chuck roast for beef burgoione (sic)

        1. Unless you want to grind it, your going to have to braise it. That means a stew or a pot roast. I suggest you look for a new variation in braising. You could go mexican with barbacoa or Teriyaki. I saw a short rib recipe with a teriyaki sauce. You could go barbecue by smoking it or even braising in bbq sauce.

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          1. re: tonka11_99

            I love Italian pot roast with mushrooms and tomato.

          2. You can also make beef stroganoff, creamed chipped beef on toast, beef fajitas, beef pot pies, a beef and noodle stew, vegetable beef soup, mix shredded beef with rice and stuff some red/green peppers and/or stuffed tomato's or an apple juice chuck roast

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            1. re: boyzoma

              I'll pass on the creamed chipped beef, but everything else sounds good :)