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May 5, 2010 08:28 AM

Fulham Road / King's Road area restaurant recommendation please [London]

Good afternoon All

I am looking for somewhere good and interesting (potentially new) around the King's Road/Fulham Road area for a dinner with some friends next Friday night. Ideally somewhere not too expensive. My current thoughts are with a nice Italian called Aglio e Olio which is always 7ish out of 10 and good atmosphere but would love to hear a few more recommendations.

If I can rule out a few places in the area which I know are popular
- Big Easy (went there recently - love it though)
- Sushinho (no way. ever)
- La Famiglia ($$$)
- Riccardo's (bit boring)
- anything on Walton St (although I do like Jak's, just not for this sort of dinner)
- The Harwood Arms (won't get a table)
- Cambio de Tercio (I love, but been recently)
- Tendido Cero (as above)
- Bumpkin (see Sushinho)

Hope this helps steer!

Thanks v much

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  1. If you like cheese, L'Art du Fromage on Langton Street has been getting good reviews. For good Indian I love the Painted Heron.