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May 5, 2010 07:58 AM

Halfway between Davis Square and Jamaica Plain?

I am looking for a dinner suggestion halfway between Davis Square and JP. I'm new-ish to the Boston area. Right it seems like downtown/chinatown might be the best option. I went to Xinh-Xinh recently and loved it.

But I was looking for something where we could grab drinks and food. I'm vegetarian and my dinner date has requested something healthy.


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  1. I'm assuming you mean halfway via train? Because if you have cars or are willing to bus it, you might want to look at someplace in Allston.

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    1. re: Fly

      Yes I was thinking halfway on the train. I've been looking for a while now and I'm only seeing places in Chinatown.

      Now I've moved on to the South End. Not because of location, but because it seems to have the most options for what we're looking for, and it is not a bad commute from Somerville.

      1. re: idealist

        I often meet my JP peeps in the South End. For healthy you might look at Meyers and Chang. Maybe South End Buttery? Parish Cafe? Aaaaand that's all I can think of that's relatively healthy. But I think that's just me.

        South End Buttery
        314 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA 02118